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22:45 Evalyn and Jasmin on the second level

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Having just raised her drink with Jasmin, Evalyn was taking a sip, feeling the warmth of the alcohol and pleasure of the evening together when Yves suddenly interrupted her again.


Ta gueule! Let me enjoy myself.

I am serious. I 'ave a feeling your night is about to be ruined.

Putain! Je ne se soucie pas de ta jalousie!

Regardez! He all but snarled back and Evalyn's mind was suddenly flooded with the vision of a fireball as if it were directly in front of her. Immediately she began choking on her drink, the warmth of it suddenly burning unpleasantly as it assaulted her sinuses and throat.

Ah... Evalyn? Have you forgotten how to drink?” Jasmin asked in mock concern at the same time Evalyn spotted Lucinda walking determinedly through the crowd.

Evalyn shook herself, ignoring the author for the moment and frowned back at Jasmin, unsure of what to say. The vampiress wasn't aware of her connection with Yves, but she'd definitely want to know of anything that sounded remotely like 'fireballs' happening around her club. “I uh... s'ink I need to get some fresh-”

-Non! Zey're inside. I do not s'ink you can 'andle zem. Evalyn suddenly got new, vague images of a bullet ridden man, and another who was decently char grilled, walking around. The sight of it made her feel ill.

Jasmin lifted her glass to finish her latest drink of the evening when preternatural hearing picked up the sound of gunfire coming from downstairs. The vampiress froze solid in place for several seconds, fighting to keep her countenance human, teeth griting. A moment later, she heard the sounds of Avenged Sevenfold come from the small pouch at her hip that held her cell phone, Emilie Autumn's voice coming up to greet them.

So let the record show that you murdered me in your coldest blood with your own two hands don't think no one understands it happens every day.

Fucking security.

The phone was out of its case and up to her ear, speaking low and dangerous. “Yes! I can hear it! Don't ask me for fucking directions, just DO SOMETHING!” The phone disappeared as the look on her face grew more dark, turning on her heel to start for her stairs down, Evalyn following her. “Let's get dangerous,” she mumbled in a voice icy and cold, devoid of any hint of compassion or mercy.

I do not sink zat is the best idea.” Evalyn muttered softly behind the vampiress. She'd heard the shots from downstairs when they went off, and after Yves warning, it seemed less and less like a situation she wanted to involve herself in.

Jasmin?” She tried calling her friend back, but the vampiress was only increasing her pace as she closed on the stairs. Evalyn reluctantly followed, “Jasmin? I do not s'ink zese are your regular... fiends....”

Do not worry about 'er! Stay away! Je vien!

Jasmin stopped for a moment and turned back, giving a low, inhuman growl, barely noticable but still there. “Someone comes in here, shooting, and I'm supposed to do nothing why?” She shifted her weight impatiently, as though waiting for an answer.

Evalyn froze. What should she do? Let human security handle it? There was little she had to fear herself of being killed unless they happened to have a stake launcher. And if she did manage to kill one of the things that was down there, it'd certainly send a strong message of 'don't fuck around in this establishment!'.

“If you get shot in front of ze media and do not go down...” Evalyn cursed inwardly as Jasmin snarled “adrenalin” and turned savagely back down the stairs. Evalyn sighed, following cautiously behind as she slipping a knife from under her dress and muttered. “Just be sure zat adrenalin does not show on your face!”

Jasmin stopped dead in her tracks at that, the displeasure clear on her face as she reached and gripped the railing. Her friend raised a point, too good of a point. The rational part of her brain came up and began to take control. Vengence could come later. Or maybe a nice hunt. For the moment, however, this was the age of cell phone cameras, and she knew all too well what an instant of the demon fully coming forth could mean: even if she passed it off, it would draw SCU attention. But the SCU is already here; I don't want to give them even more reason. And as she stood and thought, the decision was made, nodding to her. "Let security handle it...." Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and won't have to pay unemployment to that one I was going to fire!

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