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About Verbatis:

Verbatis are not very well known because they rarely leave their homeland in the South American tropical rain forests. They mostly live in the very depths of the jungle and hidden from human eyes, although they can be tracked into all the legends and myths of the rainforest Indian tribes. 'Civilized' people regard this as Indian supercherías (silliness) and they just don’t pay attention. Other of the reasons the species has kept unnoticed for so long is that they are extremely careful when dealing with humans.

In the very rare occasions when a Verbati approaches the human society, he/she does so in human form and adopts a human name. This human form and name is selected and communicated to the rest of the tribe; and once it is approved of, it is kept by the demon when treating with humans. But this is a very rare occurrence, only a handful of Verbati have chosen to socialize with humans, and even less to live among humans. A half-breed like Alessa is almost unheard of.

Another motive for which a Verbati may abandon the tribe is because of punishment. There are three reasons a Verbati may be outcast: murder, rape and betrayal to the tribe. All three cases are attributed to insanity and the offender is cast away from the group to prevent further damage. There is no forgiveness. After a Verbati is shunned from the tribe, it is not known where it goes. This is also a very rare occurrence, but has happened.

Powers and abilities: Verbatis are shapeshifters. They can morph into any animal, demon or human form they wish. These forms are taken easily and without discomfort. However they can assume only the physical aspect of other creatures. They cannot imitate their powers or gifts. A Verbati who morphs into a Morla demon doesn’t have healing blood, in the same way if he morphs into a vampire his reflection will still be seen in a mirror. In the other hand the Verbati keeps his own expertises, either physical or psychic. Ironically, Verbatis usually don’t morph.

Verbatis also present psychic abilities in various degrees. Telepathy and telekinesis are the most common, but there are cases of other abilities. Not all individuals have psychic talents though, even if they are all capable of at least 'receiving' thoughts from the elders or their teachers. Psychic abilities can be developed, their power increasing with age and training.

Social and political organization: In their natural habitat, the demons have a very simple organization; they live in tribes with a political and social structure similar to the human tribes of the jungle. The biggest difference is that there are no gender related roles among Verbatis, males and females have the same duties and responsibilities. The caring of the young is collective and the whole tribe is considered as a big ‘family’. However, attachments are made between the individuals, usually lifelong; and bloodlines can be followed for millennia.

The leader of the tribe is usually the oldest and most powerful demon, regardless of gender. The different tribes live in isolation but gather once every generation, usually to introduce the young and make an account of the dead. They have very long lives (the oldest Verbati alive is around 1200 years old) and their number keeps steady because the females fertility circle lasts 50 years, and even in those occasions when a female is fertile conception is rare, unless there is a decreasing in their numbers due to illness or attack. As in all long-lived races, their sense of time differs from that of humans.

The Verbatis’ attitude towards life and nature is similar to that of the primitive Amerindian societies. Verbatis are hunters and collectors, and they haven’t developed any technology. They live in intense communion with nature.

Their spiritual life is very intense. Meditation and training are the paths to inner strength and clarity, as well as to enhancing their powers.They don’t delve in magic, but they can use mystical tools to help their psychic powers, for example mystical drugs to induce precognition.

 Although basically a peaceful species, Verbatis are known to fight if need be, to defend their life or way of living. As a fighting force they can be terrifying.

Appearance: The Verbati are 2-2.5 meter tall, fur covered creatures. Their fur may vary from black to white, going through all the shades of brown and gray. There are no known photographs  of Verbatis, but their general appearance is that of a Wookie, from the George Lucas 'Star Wars' universe (it has been debated that Lucas got his inspiration from these demons).

Wookies as depicted in 'Star Wars' 

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