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NYPD Special Crimes Unit

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The NYPD Special Crimes Unit (NYPD SCU) is one of the thirteen bureaus that form the New York Police Department. The Bureau is charged with the investigation and prevention of supernatural crime within New York City. This is mainly done through standard police investigation and the use of supernatural elements within the city.

The Special Crimes Unit is headed by Deputy Chief Kevin O'Barrow.

While being supernatural or employing supernatural methods isn't a crime under the New York Municipal Code, most sub-normals have no actual legal status.  Only humans (and human-appearing half-human hybrids) are considered protected under the law.  To that end the SCU is tasked with eliminating or mediating any problems that might cause harm, injury or distress to come to any human protected by the law.

The SCU has a standing policy of "no harm - no foul" with the supernatural community. As long as no laws are being broken the city is willing to allow supernaturals to share the city.  However, trespassing, vandalism, assault, and other petty crimes aren't handled like they would be with a human suspect.  Rather it is treated as if a human crime was committed until it is presented to a judge. If the judge signs off on it then the supernatural is either 1) Destroyed or 2) Turned over to federal agents (Majestic 12? The Initiative?).  There is no trial and there is no sentencing.

If there is a governing council or form of judgment by the supernaturals own people they can petition to the SCU to have the prisoner released to their own justice.  In practice this is rarely granted, but on occasion for some of the larger communities of demons of supernaturals this has been granted.

The SCU staff has a total of twelve detectives, forty specially-trained officers, 1 mage (The Amazing Kramer), 12 counselors and 1 magic-sniffing ferret in addition to its operational staff officers, sergeants and patrolmen and can respond anywhere in the city if needed.  They are generally called by the various precinct and borough heads as needed.


Deputy Chief Kevin O'Barrow  

  • Lieutenant Detective Commander Juan Pablo Sandoval  

    • Detective First Grade Billings
    • Detective Second Grade Frank
  • Lieutenant Detective Charles "Charley" Neumann 

    • Detective Second Grade Pete Morgan
    • Detective Second Grade Theissen
  • Detective First Grade Hendrickson

    • Detective Third Grade Gregg
    • Detective Second Grade Villanova
  • Detective Specialist Chu (Crime Scene investigations)

    • Sergeant Handy
    • Specialist Sierra Solomon
  • Desk Sergeant
  • Duty Sergeant

    • Officer. (Specialist) Green
  • Detective Specialist Du Kalb (and Specialist Wizzy the Ferret)

    • "The Amazing" Kramer
  • Detective Banner (Undercover)


The headquarters of the unit is in the 1st sub-basement of the old Police Building 240 Centre St, Little Italy.  It maintains supernatural holding facility in the 2nd sub-basement with entrances into the sewers and the J-line of the subway.


Can I have a magic-sniffing

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Can I have a magic-sniffing ferret for my birthday?

Done! See above.

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Done! See above.

looks like there is two SGUs

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looks like there is two SGUs in the place of SCUs


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Ohhhh, love the ferret!!

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Ohhhh, love the ferret!!

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Try scratching him on the head, or giving him dinner from the "more" button. :)

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