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Chatuman Demon



Evidence and theories going as far back as Ancient Egypt, under speculation with legends and myths from the Chatuman Tellings, suggest that the demons’ arrival to Europe was in sync with that of the first Indo-Europeans.

When Zeus, in the guise of a snow-white bull, beguiled and seduced the princess Europa and stole her away from the shores of Phoenicia across the Mediterranean to the Aegean; so it is also said, by some historians, that it was merely a case of tit for tat when a band of Phoenicians carried off Io, the daughter of the King of Argos, so then did a band of Greeks retaliate by stealing away the daughter of the King of Tyre, Europa.

Yet, nevertheless, it goes unchallenged that amongst Europa's company of maidens when she was taken was also a Chatuman of old legend: Tyvisha.

Much like Europa’s brother Cadmus was inspired to chase after the abduction of his sister, leading him to Greece where he was to bring the art of writing, so too were the Children of the Chatuman influenced to travel to Europe to find and reclaim their goddess.



The Chatuman demon is predominantly a shape changer of two forms: the human and the feline.

They can be distinguished in either form for what they are by the slight differences that make them other than that of the pure form.

In the human form, the iris of the demon’s eyes are slightly more elongated than that of a true human, linking them to their feline roots while their feline form is the opposite; their iris’ are slightly more rounded than the usual arrow slit that defines the pure being.

In both forms, however, they reap the benefits of the two different worlds, displaying enhanced skills and awareness’, but they equally possess the drawbacks of both too – for instance, the Chatuman, in general, is a poor swimmer if they can swim at all!

Like most creatures, their traits vary from individual to individual. Some are testier while others more tolerant, some are sombre while others erratic. It is also, on observation of these personas, often determinable which form a Chatuman prefers to live in. While it is maintained that a true Chatuman embraces both their forms equally, there has been reasonable debate into just how true that actually is, with the argument believing that no being of any origin could exist so perfectly and wholly in their own mind, especially one tainted with not only sentience, but intelligence to boot!

In their feline form, the Chatuman has little to worry about of humans, as people are generally not as aware of the differences that exist between the domestic cat and a Chatuman feline. A regular cat, however, can sense a certain aura that perpetuates around the Chatuman, whether they be in their human of feline form, and betrays them for what they really are. It's like a sixth cat sense, if you will. Domestic cats aren't put off by the demon, however, but are instead rather attracted to them.

Some drawbacks of the Chatuman's human form: while they have the hereditary bonus attributes of being able to see with next to no light, like their feline relatives, their eyes shimmer in the dark, reflecting what little light there is and making them a dead giveaway in the human world as being “not quite right”. Also the growling, hissing, spitting and purring, while often mimicked by their human relatives out of fun or jest, is just done a little to well by a Chatuman for a human to ignore (especially if it’s the dead of night and a human happens to be laying with a Chatuman as they purr in contentment and gaze with shimmering cat eyes).



Chatuman possess all the qualities of both the human and feline worlds. They’re quick with remarkable reflexes, incredibly agile and flexible, enhanced senses and they’re fast! They can perceive things easily in low light and, though they are stronger than your average human, the females are only about as strong as a healthy, full grown man who looks after himself. It's the male Chatuman alone who display the super human strength you expect of the supernatural.

The Chatuman also have their own language, but it’s communication by a sort of telepathic connection they have with one another, made up of a sharing of not just their minds, but their senses. It is entirely possible, and known in some case, for two Chatuman who are well aquatinted with one another to share senses on such a level that one can ‘host’ the other for a period of time. An act like this, however, leaves the hostee’s body completely vulnerable to whatever surrounds it since they are no longer occupying it - much like someone who astral projects, but they leave their body completely and actually it stops living. All the consequences subject to death take control as long as they are absent, including decomposition. Of course a Chatuman would have to be absent for an extremely long time for their body to start decomposing to any dire degree, but that doesn’t mean that when they finally decide to jump back that they’re going to be feeling young and limber and raring to go! They’re joints will be stiff from rigor mortis, they’ll be cold, their eyes and mouth dry and everything else…. All in all not the most pleasant experience and, not surprisingly, the main reason it’s so rarely done on a conscious level as, while they heal faster than most, it's an unpleasant process and rather painful to live through.



Where there's one Chatuman, you can pretty much guarantee there's another nearby. It's a compantionship thing. However, a Chatuman can also briefly share a down-scaled version of their telepathic abilities with another creature by sharing their blood. The Chatuman doesn’t need to take any of the other creatures blood, but by mixing their own directly with the others bloodstream, it somehow creates a telepathic link. It’s believed that the presence of their own blood travelling through another’s system, including the brain, helps them make contact as they can sense it, just as they can sense the blood of another Chatuman.

There has been speculation by some about whether it’s entirely possible to actually turn a pure being into a Chatuman by transfusing enough of their blood into the untainted system. But it’s also speculated, however, that in order for such a transfusion to actually work and be successful, the entire store of the test subject’s blood would need to be drained and replaced completely with pure Chatuman blood. As far as it’s known, this has never actually been tested - for obvious reasons.

The Chatuman also have a subdued ability to communicate with regular cats. The connection they share isn't as strong or readily available as the one they have with their own race, but as they can communicate with humans in their human form, so can they communicate with cats while in their feline form. Being a telepathic communication, it's not quite understood why the Chatuman can't continue communication with a cat while in their human form, but that just happens to be the way of it. The Chatuman can still comprehend a cats thoughts, but they might as well be mute for all they can send back.

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