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I found this link elsewhere and so I am sharing.  I am going to try to categorize links that folks share in the comments as we go.  Share away!

New York Gangs

Views of New York

Subways of New York

Date/Astromomical Information

Supernatural Reference

Screen Caps

Another to add. A monthly

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Another to add. A monthly Sunrise / Sunset calculator which supports 2021. For previous posts, I had to rely on a 2011 calculator. But just in general, this should help.


This is

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Buffy Demonology

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This page has a nice alphabetical list of demons from the Buffy-verse and includes short little descriptions for each in case you can't remember what that mucous dripping demon was called that you simply must use :)


Oh Hell yes!  I have used

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Oh Hell yes!  I have used this one myself.

Another addition: All Things

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Another addition: All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer still exists, it turns out.  It has a fairly nice selection, for our purposes, of things that have been established for the metaphysics of the show.  Sadly, a number of their off-site links do not work, particularly the old Geocities ones.


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