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Character Name: Logan Hunter
Other Names: N/A
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthdate / Location: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Part of Balthazar Romano’s inner circle
Position: Body Guard

Logan is played by Channing Tatum

Aesthetics and Dress~ Average height with an athletic build, Logan has short brown hair and eyes that shift between brown and green, depending on the light. Most people describe him as being rather handsome, but quiet and somewhat unapproachable. However, Balthazar always joked that if you manage to make Logan laugh, his smile could light up a room.

On Logan’s right shoulder and pec, he has an intricate tattoo of a pentagram surrounding what appears to be a tree with various random symbols woven into the branches. A few of Balthazar’s other employees have asked him what it means, but Logan has never been forthcoming with an explanation.

Personality Traits

  • Loyal
  • Brave
  • Assertive
  • A Bit Cocky
  • Impulsive
  • Head Strong
  • Athletic
  • Weakness For Attractive Women
  • Good Looking and Knows It
  • Trusts His Gut

Background: Not much is known about Logan’s background. He recently made his debut in NY’s supernatural scene when Balthazar Romano, one of the city’s most prestigious sorcerers, and all around influential players, introduced him as his new, personal bodyguard. Always the eccentric joker, when anyone asked Balthazar where he found Logan, he would answer that the boy just fell out of the sky or that he found him at the end of a rainbow. Unfortunately, Balthazar keeps him on a short leash and is uncharacteristically discreet about anything to do with his new employee, so the mystery of Logan Hunter persists.

Upon his introduction to the dark world few know anything about, Romano’s peers scoffed at the sorcerer’s choice of muscle. What good would Logan be in protecting Balthazar when it came to demons, vampires and other unworldly creatures? Well, It was not long before Logan put the naysayers in their place. During a meeting at The Hell Fire Lounge, NY’s top establishment for the supernatural community with taste, Balthazar managed to offend a rather large Kaoshian demon during a negotiation for a certain artifact. Enraged, at the mage’s arrogance, the demon pulled a knife from his sleeve and hurled it with deadly accuracy. Faster than a bolt of lightening, Logan snatched the handle of the blade, plucking the weapon from midair, inches from Balthazar‘s face. He then sprung into action. Jumping over the table, Logan then proceeded to plunge the blade straight between the Kaoshian’s eyes.  From then on, it was not long that word spread and everyone knew Logan’s capabilities.

Attitude~ Logan is what most people would describe as the strong, silent type and a closed book. He is fiercely loyal to his boss and almost seems robotic in his unquestioning service to Romano.

Lifestyle~ The position of body guard is one that demands service 24/7 and so Logan does not get out much. The closest thing he has to a social life is when he attends parties and soirees with his boss. In order to be close at all times, Balthazar has given Logan the 9th floor of his 13 story building on the upper east side (with Balthazar’s personal apartments being on floors 12 and 13). Financially, Logan is not wanting. Balthazar was not only well versed in magic, but he was also a wizard of Wall Street and had amassed a personal fortune to rival that of any of America’s rich and famous, which he generously shares with those close to him.

Items: Logan’s one prized possession is his black Ducati speed bike.

Powers: Though Logan displays no superhuman abilities, anyone that knows him can attest that he’s unnaturally strong and fast. Also, he wouldn’t be Balthazar’s bodyguard if he couldn’t handle himself in a fight. The truth is, Logan can hold his own (and a few more) when it comes to brawling.

Secrets: They wouldn’t be secrets if everyone knew!


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