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21:42 Logan and Pablo in the bathroom

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Pablo slammed the door of the bathroom hard enough to make two of the men at the urinals jump. That rat bastard, he fumed, How dare he threaten the innocent people at this party in a game of my dick is bigger? I'd win, anyways.

He splashed water on a towel and wiped his face, the cool feeling on his hot face eased his nerves. He'd had a drink or two too many, he thought. He should know better than to mix work and pleasure. He was here to enjoy himself and goading Balthazar Romano didn't accomplish anything useful.

Logan was still smiling to himself, picturing The Harpee’s face, red and ready to blow. Did that girl have a chip on her shoulder or what? But she’s got a great pair of legs….

Squeezing through another set of Lucinda fans, Logan pushed open the bathroom door, only to once again run into the cop - and he did not look happy.

 “Hey buddy, everything ok?”

Pablo sighed and straightened himself. "Yes, I'm fine. I just let some...thing get to me. I needed a second to cool off. I'm good now."

He forced himself to smile at the young man, "I'm under control," he said, but he wasn't sure who he was trying to convince himself or Logan.

 “You know how people get with a few drinks in them, don’t worry about it”.

He couldn’t help but wonder why his boss was so adamant that he stay away from Pablo. Balthazar wasn’t a bad guy, so why exactly did he have beef with this cop? One thing Logan knew is that his gut told him Lt. Sandoval was one of the good guys.

 “You know, I never really got to thank you,” Logan began awkwardly, already semi regretting the words that came out of his mouth. He was definitely opening a can of worms, but some things needed to be said. “Had you not been there on Tuesday night…” he let the words trail off.

Sandoval could feel the alcohol fogging his mind again, "What? Don't sweat it, us humans have to stick together. They are out there, you know? Out to get us."

He felt ill. Something he'd eaten, drank, or put up with tonight was having its say.

"'Scuse me!" Sandoval mumbled and bolted for a stall.

The rush of food and liquor was out in a flash. A second heave finished the deal. "Ugh, I should know better,"  he said flushing away the evidence. His mind was clearing. 

Logan was caught a little of guard by Pablo’s sudden turn for the worse - then again, probably a blessing in disguise. He didn’t want to dwell on Tuesday’s events.

“Buddy, you alright?” he called at Pablo.

A mumbled, “Fine,” came from the stall.  He slipped out nonchalantly.Man, this night is turning out to be fucking weird.

Sandoval spit a few times to clear the bits in his mouth before heading back to the sink to clean up. “This isn’t you, Juan Pablo,” He said to the face in the mirror, “What has gotten into you?”

He made a final check before he, too, exited the restroom.

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