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Jasmin made her way through the crowd, not for the first time. Playing hostess through the evening went as it always did: you greeted, you talked, you monitored everything; nobody realized the work that went on even during. Half of her evening was spent directing staff to replenish this table or that one, or sometimes, getting involved making sure that a fight failed to happen. It meant drinking enough to become slightly tipsy, and in low moments like this, getting lost in more pleasant memories.

In this case, memories of having another young woman sat next to her, who only after they had to get up, did she realize had managed to take charge of virtually the entire conversation, save for inviting her to dinner. That, she considered a minor victory, but couldn't help feel that she must have been slipping. Especially if -

“Oh, I'm terribly sorry,” she said as she ran straight into another person, stopping, staring, and look turning into a genuine smile. “Evalyn, my friend! So glad you managed to get here tonight. How have things gone so far?”

Evalyn only had a moments irritation at being bumped before noticing the familiar face, then beamed in delight as she turned to regard her. “Jasmin! Look at you!” she said as she opened her arms to hug her friend and plant a kiss on either cheek, “I would say zat sings are going fairly well.” She smirked, glancing aside to where Sebastian was standing. On Jasmin's approach he gave a short, respectful bow. “I 'ave to say, even when zey are not working, some of your staff are most accommodating.” Evalyn winked at the man and turned back, ignoring Yves who was clawing at the back of her mind. “But what about you? You look... different. What 'as 'appened! You must tell me!”

She felt almost a bit overwhelmed, and probably looked it. Having to overcome her metabolism was one thing; but after a certain point... Ok, time to stop drinking for tonight. Still Evalyn received the same kisses on either cheek in return, with her taking a quite relaxed look. “Patience, my dear. I have a potential business partner here for you you should at least be aware of,” pointing out Balthazar across the room.

“And, a potential job for you,” she noted, mind racing with those details again, as it had, off and on. She would sort that out when she was sober, though now her smile grew more genuine, the implications gone. “I also have a date for tomorrow night, now.”

Evalyn glanced briefly at the gentleman Jasmin had indicated across the room, but at her friends last sentence, she lost any interest in potential work.

Smirking she gave Jasmin a playfully stern look over her glass, “You sink I care to 'ear about work when you 'ave a date?” she quirked her eyebrow and gestured absently to Sebastian who was still standing somewhere nearby, “Sebastian, dear, would you please get me anozzer drink? I fear I 'ave nearly finished zis one.” She wasn't watching to see if he obeyed her request, but she did inhale sharply as he stepped up close behind her to whisper assent in her ear and promise other things for the evening.

She watched him leave, hungry to have him back again, gripping her upper arms, but she took the opportunity she'd created to focus on Jasmin who was quirking an eyebrow of her own at the little exchange that took place. “'Ee is an excellent bartender.” Evalyn said simply to explain herself, then shook her self. “But tell me about you! Who is zis date?”

“Yes, he is. Not as good as the girl that I have to make... these,” she proclaims, holding up the glass with the remains of the latest Sling in it. She didn't fight the memory returning of earlier in the evening, and the promise of another night to come. “Her name is Connie. She's Lucinda Graves' agent... I suppose I should actually read Lucinda's books, now, shouldn't I?”

Jasmin let the thought trail off, finishing off her drink with a quite pleased look to her. “Bold, direct, and I realize this now, apparently able to direct me when I've been drinking. And also, a skilled kisser,” this last she added more softly, and a bit conspiratorially. “Tell you what. Come by my place... evening after next. Can tell you how it went, and then, we plan business.”

“Connie...” Evalyn repeated the name thoughtfully, then smiled, “I actually met Lucinda Graves earlier zis evening, but I did not see any Connie wiz her,” her grin turned teasing, “zat would not 'ave been, per'aps, because you 'ad already stolen 'er by zis stage?”

Jasmin got a quite thoughtful look to her. “You know, I'm not sure which of us stole the other... just that we spent some time getting along.” She cleared her throat a bit as she inwardly reminded herself that it had certainly been a while since she had a shot. “It is so good that you could make it, though. Aside from one or two minor inconveniences? This night seems to be going quite perfect. Nothing could ruin it at this point.”

“Oui,” Evalyn agreed, raising the remains of her drink. The evening was proving to be quite a pleasure indeed, and there was still more to look forward to!

I could ruin some sings for you, Eevie.

Why Yves! I can not imagine what you are talking about.

Evalyn's grin deepened as she toyed with Yves jealousy and continued to speak aloud- “To perfect nights and perfect companies!”

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