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Tonight was turning out to be just too weird. First the reporter, then the cop...It was like the fates were playing a trick on him. *I need a drink.* As he finished pushing his way through the crowd, Logan's face dropped. *You’ve got to be kidding me.* Standing there, with a drink in hand, was the girl from the park, *The Harpee*, he cringed.

Not that she looked at all the same as before, in fact, he had to take a moment to be absolutely sure. For a start she was wearing the tiniest dress he’d ever seen, the fabric clinging in all the right places like a second skin, then there were the heels that just made her legs seem endless… actually she looked pretty damn hot. Not that Logan was fooled. He knew that behind that soft, attractive exterior was a cold, angry dragon woman. Stopping in his tracks, he debated whether to just turn around and avoid the situation – but avoiding conflict was just not in his nature. Moving closer in, he saddled up to the bar next to her. “So how’s the knee doing?”

Meredith had nearly choked on the olive in her martini when she saw they guy... the asshole who'd not only nearly crippled her, skinned her elbow and gave her one monster headache - he'd also abandoned her in the middle of Central Park. It had taken her two hours and half a pack of Tylenol to get home, she'd missed two days of lectures not to mention work. *Fucking hell...*

Their eyes met briefly and she knew he'd recognised her. Swiftly she turned around, gulping down the rest of her martini, hoping he would go away… but sure as hell he came right up to her!

At his query Meredith turned around, piercing him with an icy glare. "Like you give a damn," she snarled, her earlier frustration at being ditched by Gail and having that catty French bitch talk to her like a piece of shit burned as hotly as the martini in her stomach. "D'you have any idea how long it took me to get home after you just deserted me? Thank god someone with a little more chivalry arrived or I'd probably still be on that bench right now."

Logan met her gaze without flinching. The claws were out instantly and he guessed it wouldn’t be long before she started to breathe fire. "More chivalrous," he said with a 'hmph'. "Not quite how I remember it going down. I was trying to play the knight in shining armour, but you pretty much accused me of sexual harassment. For the record, I was just being nice."

Abruptly, the bartender arrived, cutting their conversation short. "What'll it be handsome?" she said, leaning over the bar so Logan could get a good view of her hefty cleavage.

Logan cast Meredith a smug smile, before turning back to the waitress. "I'll have a gin tonic and the lady here will have...what's your drink of choice? I'm guessing the blood of the innocent?"

Meredith rolled her eyes. “Still persisting with the comedy routine, I see?” she turned to the waitress who suddenly switched off the flirty cheeriness. “I’ll have another martini, extra dry.” Looking back at the guy she smiled sarcastically. “Obviously you’re a guy who’s easily pleased. That happen a lot in your world does it? Flash them that boyish grin, flex your muscles and,” she mimed a doe-eyed expression, fanning herself with her hand, “hey Handsome, can I get you anything? A drink? My number? Or maybe you’d let me have your babies?”

Logan chuckled – had to give her credit, the girl had a sense of humour.

The barmaid returned with both drinks, setting Meredith’s down with all the grace of an ox. “Need anything else?” she purred suggestively.

Taking out a twenty, Logan made a point of having their hands touch as he paid the girl. “I’ll let you know.” The bartender could hardly contain her squeal as she rushed off to another set of patrons.

Turning back to Meredith, Logan was more than a little pleased with himself. “Yeah, actually, that does happen a lot. And I can’t figure out why you seem to be immune,” he joked, knowing it would probably enrage her further.

Was he for real? “Of course not,” fumed Meredith from behind her fake smile, “it must be tough being God’s gift to all women, especially when one doesn’t fall instantly to her knees with gratitude the moment you grace her with your presence. Really, who do you think you are? Swaggering around, chest puffed up like some self-satisfied tomcat,” she made a show of imitating him, stomping her feet comically, “tossing your trust fund about the place and expecting everyone to just swoon at your feet simply because you’re good-looking.”

“So what you’re saying is you think I’m good looking?” Logan said, still sporting the cocky smile. For a moment, he literally thought the girl’s head would explode with rage. “You know, without even knowing me, you sure jump to a lot of conclusions. We’ve spent a total of maybe 10 minutes together, and you’ve already got me pegged as an arrogant, trust fund semi-rapist who bulldozes helpless girls in the park. So for your information,” he continued, counting off on his fingers, “Smashing into you in the park was an accident which I did apologize for, you’ve seen that I don’t need to sexually harass girls to get a date, and I’m not a trust fund brat spending his dad’s cash. I work for every penny I have, and I paid for your drink because, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a bad guy.” He practically huffed, as the tirade ended. “In fact, I’m only here tonight because I’m working”.

Meredith was thrown for a second, she perched on a bar stool then immediately regretted it when her already short dress rose even higher up her thighs. “A job where you flirt with waitresses and drink cocktails?” she queried with a quirk of her brow, tugging as discreetly as she could at the hem of her dress, “hardly working your fingers to the bone.”

There was really no getting through with this girl was there? So if that were the case…”I’m a stripper,” he said bluntly, doing his best to keep a straight face. “Yep, in about 15 minutes, I’m going to be lowered over the dance floor in a cage, wearing only a zebra print g-string. And Let me tell you, after the show you wont be saying I don’t work hard”.

Meredith felt a cool chill down her spine, but she quickly fought it down, taking a gulp of her fresh martini. He was just making a joke, there was no way he knew what she did to make ends meet. “Thanks for the warning, I’ll make sure I leave before the stray panties start flying.” She fished the olive from her drink and bit into it firmly. “I doubt I’d survive the stampede of insatiable women desperate to get their hands on your oiled up body.”

“Yeah, you should have seen the death toll at the last party I worked”. The girl was still as cold as the ice in his drink. “Well, you know I’m kidding, so don’t go plucking your eyes out just yet.” Taking a big gulp of the gin tonic, Logan set the glass down, not sure what else to say. “Anyways, as always, it’s been a pleasure. The name is Logan by the way. I figured you’d want to know what to call me in your dreams later,” he added with a sly wink as he prepared to join the massive crowds on the dance floor.

If she hadn’t just eaten her olive she would have pitched it at the back of his smug head. Logan. Figured. Pretentious name for the most arrogant, condescending guy she‘d ever… “Yeah,” she muttered, “when I’m cursing the day I ever met you.” Silently fuming, she slammed the cocktail stick on the bar and downed the last of her drink. *What a total, fucking ass…*

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