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Det. Juan Pablo Sandoval

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Character Name: Juan Pablo Federico Francisco Sandoval
Other Names: Most of his friends call him Pablo but his family calls him Paco
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthday / Location: Oct 8, 1986 / Puerto Rico
Group Affiliation: NYPD - Special Crimes Unit "Spook Squad"
Position: Lieutenant Detective Commander


(played by Jon Huertas)

Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 165lb (74.8kg/11.7 stone)
    Esthetics and Dress: Pablo dresses well in professional suits during work hours and casually he wears stylish loose-fitting clothing.  He prefers things simple and neat and isn't fond of clutter.

    Attitude: Pablo is professional and well-spoken.  He speaks with only a hint of New York accent but speaks Spanish with a distinctly Puerto-Rican accent (and at Puerto-Rican speed). Pablo is physically imposing and knows it and so he tends to stand just a little too close to people or place a arm around them when he wants to intimidate them, but he isn't one to use physical force.

   Lifestyle: Juan-Pablo is single.  He makes a decent living but as a civil servant he does not make enough to be affluent.  He supports his family in Puerto Rico financially.  He lives in a rather modest 1BR walk-up apartment in East Harlem (#3C 305 East 101st Street). He dates occasionally but his obsessive need to be honest about "what is really going on" makes it hard to maintain any long-term relationships.


Sandoval was in seminary to become a priest in the Roman Catholic faith when his family was attacked by a werewolf.  Juan Pablo left the seminary and returned to Puerto Rico to his family which survived thanks to a shotgun that his father kept. His sister, who had been bitten in the attack, died in the end.

He left Puerto Rico (and his family) and returned to New York where he entered the police force. It wasn't long before he began to encounter vampires, demons, and other supernatural things.  Most of these were explained away, but having had first-hand experience with the supernatural he refused to back down. 

The NYPD drafted him into the "Spook Squad" when it became obvious that he was informed of the existence of the supernatural.  While the official position of the NYPD is that there is no such thing as vampires, demons or magic the reality is quite different.  The SCU is tasked with investigating crimes that have been attributed to supernatural means or beings against humans.  They have no jurisdiction over supernatural beings themselves and treat such beings a either foreign threats (and turn them over to federal authorities) or dangers to the public and destroy them.

Human who employ supernatural artifacts or magic are treated as humans in possession of deadly weapons and occasionally they employ "suggestive" techniques to get witnesses to supernatural crimes to explain away such sightings with more mundane explanations.  They employ a series of counselors who are trained in handling such matters.

Sandoval is currently the highest ranking detective within the SCU.


1986-Oct 8 Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
2003 Entered Seminary
2007 Left seminary before being ordained to tend to family
2009 returned to New York
2010 Entered NYPD Police Academy
2013 Graduated the Academy
2017 Assigned to SCU
2019 Promoted to Detective


The SCU uses normal weaponry that is blessed, purified, and magiked and deploys limited number of silver rounds to its officers.  They train in the use of melee weapons and most officers carry a sword in their car. Sandoval also carries a bible in his car and wears a cross. He owns a stake made of wood from a Jerusalem olive branch.  He is proficient in crossbow and wields a dueling saber (which he keeps in his car).  His sidearm of choice is the Sig p226 pistol when on duty and he has a Glock 26 pistol he wears when "off duty" (both are 9mm). He wears duty Kevlar when needed. 


Sandoval trained as a priest and is very knowledgeable in Roman Catholic lore. While not ordained as a priest he was accepted as an affiliate of a Franciscan order and can bless items in the field. He is not comfortable with pagan practices but he realizes their usefulness in some cases.  He has several bible passages memorized and can recite most of the Catholic mass by heart.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
His sister contracted the disease and became werewolf herself.  Despite prayer, cleansing rituals, and other faith-based actions he was unable to save her and ultimately he was forced to kill her himself.


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I like him, a lot, only...

Allyana's picture

I like him, a lot, only... Perez is a surname, not a name (in Spanish we aren't so flexible with names as in English), it sounds funny. :)

I am open to any suggestions

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I am open to any suggestions you might have. I like the 'p' sound for a first name.

  Ok, the most common names

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Ok, the most common names starting with P are:

Pablo (paul). Pedro (peter), Patricio (patrick),  Pascual. Also, since he's called Francisco, too, you have "Paco" which is the common nickname for Franciscos.


Oh, I see you chose Pablo, good choice, plenty of Pablos in my language :)

Paco sounds like something

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Paco sounds like something his family might call him.

Could be, as I told you, it's

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Could be, as I told you, it's a very common nickname for Franciscos, but Francisco is not even his first name, so yes... probably only his family calls him like that. 

Pablo is Great, i have two cousins called Pablo. Juan Pablo is also very common, since it's the name of the last Pope, and Spanish people use to ve very religious. 

He is very religious and so

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He is very religious and so is his family. so I've adopted Juan-Pablo as his name although most people call him Pablo.

I like him a lot as well -

Kaarin's picture

I like him a lot as well - gives him a good connection to look into events as they go on. Actually reminds me of someone I know in real life, kind of, with the Fransiscan aspect.

Looks awesome! I can see how

Logan's picture

Looks awesome! I can see how he can quickly become involved with most of the characters (especially Cadee).

On a side note, I didnt find this post until now. How can you tell on the boards when someone updates their blog rather than posting in one of the forums?

When you first visit the site

Heather's picture

When you first visit the site each day, click the "Recent Posts" section - that will tell you everything that's new since the last time you visited. It's damned handy for navigating, I've discovered.



Yup, I'm always using that

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Yup, I'm always using that now. :D

Cadee will be working in a cop's bar and Pablo is a cop, hopefully he'll go to Slainté sometime :)


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