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As soon as Logan left them, Cadee turned to Anne. “Are you all right?” she asked, “I should go help, but if you prefer I stayed...”

The other girl raised her head, she was scared, but she recovered quickly. “I’m OK. It’ll be safe here, I guess…”

Cadee sneaked a look over the counter and at the fray; somehow it was a little more controlled, she didn’t think they were in immediate peril. She looked back to Anne, and then to the other people who had also sought refuge behind the bar, the strawberry haired bartender included.  She tried to reassure them. “Yes.  Those gunmen won’t come behind here, you’re safe.  Just stay put. All of you.” Then she squeezed her friend’s hand, and added: “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Without another word, she jumped over the bar, and moved towards the dance floor. It was incredible how fast people could move when they were in panic, and how viciously. A lot of people were fighting their way to the door, not minding if they stepped over fallen bodies in their rush. Cadee could count at least half a dozen injured or dead people on the floor, and blood, lots of blood. Some other people were hiding too, behind tables, in the booths, beneath the stairs… it was utter chaos.

Then she focused on the actual fight, and she had to look again. The gunmen were like anything she had ever seen, even if the low lightning of the nightclub didn’t help much, she could clearly see them. There were only two, a small number for all the destruction they’d caused, but then… they didn’t seem to die. One of them looked like he was missing half his head and the other could have escaped ‘Shaun of the dead’, except he moved extremely fast for a zombie. They both did. *’Zombieland’, maybe,* she thought as she approached the fray.

She watched Logan break the headed one’s neck with ease and drop the body to the floor, only to see the thing rise again, as if he had just gotten a neck massage, leaving Logan to face the two freaks at once. She prepared to jump into action, throwing inbred caution to the wind, when she saw Sandoval put another bullet into the already performed body. A series of shots followed, as the cop, the freak and a seemingly normal one said hello to each other with their guns. Fortunately, the Latin cop got away unscathed, even if Logan had gotten stabbed.  

Damn, there was nothing she could do there. She couldn’t risk showing any fighting expertise in front of Sandoval, she thought, as she continued to watch the fight from the cover of darkness. It wasn’t easy, but Logan and Sandoval, together with some bouncers, managed to reduce the pseudo-zombies. Maybe she wasn’t needed at all…

They weren’t the only ones in action, either, a sudden flash from the entrance way caught her attention and she saw a black woman and a man putting some order to the exiting people. Curious of where the flash had come, Cadee watched them with more attention, and she could see that the older man wielded a kind of walking stick/staff like a mage, parting the running people like Moses the Red Sea. Strange, watching a real mage do his mojo wasn’t the most usual occurrence, but then, there was nothing ordinary about that night.

At that point she noticed that, in the confusion, the only human gunman and one of the ‘zombies’ were getting away. Making her mind, she started behind them towards the exit door to the back alley. Maybe she was needed after all…

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