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What is this? 

This is an online role-playing game.  it is (very) loosely based on the uuniverse of Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  However, things have changed. Buffy is dead.  Angel is Dead.  The world changed around 2002 from the path that was being plotted in the shows.

The biggest event that rocked the world was actually two different events.  The first one was the Brotherhood - a cabal of super-powerful vampires - decided to link their bloodlines to the slayer.  The second was the efforts of a rogue-element within the Watchers to promote a certain girl to the position of Slayer.  These two events resulted in the elimination of the Watcher's Council and the destruction of about 1/5th of the vampire population in the world.  But the threats were stopped by a band of dedicated fighters in Los Angeles.

It is now 14 years later and the year is 2021. There maybe yet another apocolypse, but this time it is in New York.

How Can I Join?

This group is by-invitation.  If you want to participate, feel free to post a request at the bottom of this page.  We are busy people who don't like SPAM so don't dump a bunch of junk on here or you'll ruin it for everyone.

Post your name, a contact point (chat name, facebook, email, blog, or some place we can get in touch with you) and a quick run-down of your idea about how you would fit into the game. If you don't put anything but "I want to join" then you can't.  We want to see people who can write, not just people who like to join.

Copyrights (and other stuff)

Everything we write is based in part on Joss Whedon's work with Buffy and Angel and so occasionally characters, organizations, places, situations, and monsters that were created by Mutant Enemy, FOX, Dark Horse, and anyone else with copyrights on this property may appear in the story.   We don't own those nor to we make any claim on them.  Nothing we write is canon outside our own work.

This ENTIRE SITE is a derivitive fan-produced work.  We do not profit from this, nor are we distributing this with any effort to own it.  We do however reserve all the ORIGINAL content to our own selves and allow it to be viewed and linked through the following:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


long time

Neil's picture
Hi all especially Dave and Heather :) Doubt many of you would remember me but I had a very brief stint in LABN but sadly work and personal issues meant I was unable to give the time and energy to my writing that it deserved so now many years later with a few more wrinkles but also a few more spare hours I thought i would see if i would be able to join your merry band again.

more the merrier

Logan's picture

Hey Neil,

As the title says, the more merrier! Write up a character and send the application!

Having a memory lapse, who was your character in LABN 1?

Hi, everybody! My name is

Taokan's picture

Hi, everybody! My name is Taokan, at isharri@yahoo.com First, I've got to get something off my chest. The kind of terrible, no good, very bad secret that plagues the conscience like a bad metaphor. I've only just started watching Buffy. Yes, I know, but for years I resisted watching Buffy and Angel because I hadn't seen them from the first episode, and, not wanting to be spoiled, I just avoided the shows altogether. Occasionally I'd get a glimpse of a ridged forehead, perhaps a wayward bit of snark, but not having access to tivo or the boxed sets, I kept up my old policy of avoidance and thought that would be that. Now though, coming as an immigrant from Firefly and Firefly roleplaying boards, I really couldn't avoid it any longer, and, well. What can I say, I'm hooked. Anyway, I stumbled across this site and thought that it looked like a lot of fun. To that end, I have a few ideas for characters that I've been tossing around my head the past few days, most of which grew from my own interest in the mythology of different cultures -- in this instance, I've been taking a closer look at Irish and Welsh lore, that of sin-eaters and geasa in particular. Not necessarily both, of course, at least not at first, but I'd like to explore the kind of impact a sin-eater could have in Buffyverse, as well as a chance to work on my writing skills. I've actually got a good bit of the character proposal written out already, in case I am accepted, as well as the few odd alternate character ideas floating around my head, but for now I'll stay simple and ask if this sounds good to everyone?

As an RPG "veteran" (and a

mrdave2176's picture

As an RPG "veteran" (and a Browncoat to boot) I'll extend an invite to you to join.  I've set you up as a user so you can tell us more about the "sin-eater" idea you have.  Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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