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The New Initiative

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The New Initiative

The Initiative was a secret US government organization that ran from the times of the Second World War to 2000, when the US government deemed it a failure and closed its operations. During the time preceding its closure, its biggest branch was located beneath the University of California campus in Sunnydale. Under the direction of Professor Margaret Walsh, military commandos captured and studied werewolves, demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures for the covert U.S. government operation.

Less well known was the fact that said commandos were also part of The Initiative and Maggie Walsh experiment programs. Well fit and trained men and women to begin with, they were ‘enhanced’ in their strength and durability by the use of a combination of drugs and supernatural DNA.

In 1999, after the ‘Adam fiasco’, the Initiative was put to shame because of its corruption and human experimentation, and was closed by the government.

However, following the Initiative's closure, the Army maintained operations in hunting demons, incorporating many of the Initiative trained soldiers, including Riley Finn, Rafael Dixon and Evan Goodman. They hunted down demon nests in the United States, as well as foreign countries.

In 2012, the Army reopened the Initiative, The New Initiative, with completely different goals. They no longer seek to control and exploit supernatural beings, but protect people from demons and prevent demon threats from spreading.  

Again, most former-Initiative actives were transferred to this new organization and continued their career in its lines. At present,  Lt. Colonel Rafael Dixon is in charge of the East Coast division.

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