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Gangs of NYBN 2021

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Obsidian Blades - Chinatown - 1st to 3rd ave between 14th and 11th.  Korean/Chinese. Drugs, prostitution, protection, gambling.

  • Tommy Chiang - Leader.
  • Ricky Chiang - Son of Tommy
  • Cheidra - Ricky's Bodyguard

New West Berlin - Hell's Kitchen between 42nd and Lincoln Tunnel - Eastern European.  ATM Phishing, drugs, illegal firearms.


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Grathoki are one of those demons that are everywhere and in all places.  Anywhere that humans and demons cohabit the Grathoki build a market.  Grathoki are scavengers of things.  They buy, steal, acquire, scrounge, recycle, re-purpose,find, finagle, or in other words get anything they think might have some value elsewhere and then take to the person they think might want it.

Since they are all over the place they have a well-developed network of connections that can be utilized (for a price) and it is a generally accepted wisdom that:

Carmine Bocelli

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Character Name:  Carmine Bocelli
Race: Human/Revenant
Sex: Male
Birthdate / Location:  January 1st, 2000 - New York, NY
Group Affiliation: Balthazar Romano
Position:  Flunky, Dogsbody, Courier

Description: Carmine is played by Robert Hesse

Character Proposal: Chiedra

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Name: Chiedra (pronounced “kee-ra”)

Race: Demon (Shadre)

Languages: English, Shadrese

Gender: Female

DOB: Unknown (arrived on Earth in the Fall of 2010); appears to be in her early 20’s

The New Initiative

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The New Initiative

Rafael Dixon

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Anne Millet

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Name: Anne Mierzejewski

Stage Name: Anne Millet (her name for all practical matters)

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Birth date / Location: 18th of December, 1995 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Group Affiliation: n/a

Family: six brothers (most of them back in Salt Lake City) Anthony, Clinton, James, Warren, Drew and Derek (twins)

Sierra Solomon

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Name: Sierra Solomon

Race: Half-Demon

Sex: Female

Birth date / Location: March 4 1994/ Dixmont State Hospital, Pennsylvania

Position: Crime Scene Investigator to the NYPD:SCU


Sierra is played by Katharine Isabelle.


Chatuman Demon

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Chatuman Demon



Evalyn (Eevie) Toussaint

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Name: Evalyn Tavishelle Marie Jones Toussaint

Other Names: Eevie (nickname)

Race: Demon (Chatuman)

Sex: Female

Height: 5’7”

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