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Logan, descended to the lower level of the Graveyard, looking for some respite from the crowded party, only to find an equal amount of dancers downstairs. No better luck here he though, about to head back up when something strange caught his eyes. Across the dance floor he saw them, three beautiful woman conversing quietly together - the same three women that Persephone had been talking to at the Hellfire Lounge earlier that week. Completely forgetting about his boss, Logan studied the trio intently. They must be sisters, he guessed, noticing that they resembled each other. Tall and thin, they all had similar garb and identical haircuts, long and straight. Their only real differentiating factor were the hair colours; one blonde, one raven and one brunette. Logan couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was definitely something off with these girls. They had an eerie, otherworldly quality about the way they held themselves, almost as if gravity was just barely holding on to them. He was about to move in for a closer look when another pretty lady caught his eye.

Is that Cadee? Seeing Slainte’s bartender through a gap in the crowds he altered his direction, trying to catch up with her. However, not wanting to lose track of the trio, he shot one last quick glance back to make sure they were still in eyesight. “Holy shit,” he gasped quietly - the girls had vanished. Making a mental note to speak to Balthazar about them, he rushed towards his new target. “Cadee, hold up!”

Only Cadee’s  inhuman hearing allowed her to hear him in the noisy nightclub. She even thought she recognized the voice, she turned around and smiled. Sure she did, it was Logan all right. She had hoped to run into him again after seeing him with Meredith, and voilà, here he was. She straightened her skirt and brushed the hair off her face before answering.

“Logan, it’s great to see you again. What are you doing here?”

Man, everyone and their mother is here tonight, he thought, as he returned her grin. “Well, funny enough I’m ‘working’…well at least I’m supposed to be”. Like any red blooded male, Logan became weak at the sight of the blonde bombshell in her form fitting, sequined mini-dress - what an outfit. “Cadee, you look fantastic.”

“Well, muchas gracias, señor.” Cadee laughed, enjoying his open-mouthed expression. Like any other woman, she loved being appreciated, and she knew she looked good. *It’s the boots,* she said to herself, lowering her eyes just for a second to admire her cow fur 5” high heel boots.

“It’s not the boots, Cade. He probably never even got to them, you know?” Sounded a voice next to her, and Cadee chuckled. As usual, Anne could practically read her thoughts. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

 Cadee turned to Logan just in time to get his confused frown. Poor man, they must be talking gibberish to him. “I’m sorry, Logan. This very obnoxious girl here is my roommate, Anne.”

Attractive in her own right, the girl was Cadee’s polar opposite; pale, dark hair and dressed in a typical gothic outfit. “Nice to meet you Anne.”

"Logan?!" Anne cried out, realizing just who the man was. "So this is the studly super-hero from the bar? You should hear how she goes on and..."

"That's enough Anne," Cadee giggled nervously, elbowing her roommate in the ribs.

Logan blushed, unable to hide the beaming smile that forced its way onto his face. He had thought about Cadee a lot since meeting her and it was good to hear the feeling was mutual.

"I heard you say you were working," Anne cut in, trying to change the subject as a way of apologizing to Cadee.  "What do you do?"

"I'm actually a body guard," he replied, unsure just how Cadee would react.

 “Ohhhh, so that explains your expertise with the fists,” Cadee piped in, as suddenly pieces fit together.  She smiled. “I just knew you weren’t the regular business man. Cool.”

“So who do you work for?” Anne asked, curiously. “Oh my god, are you Lucinda’s body guard!?”

Logan laughed. She was quirky, but the girl definitely had an infectious enthusiasm. “Naw, nothing so exciting. I work for a ‘regular businessman’,” he said, not giving too many details. “He’s got some ties to some of the publishing powerhouses here, so that’s how I managed to crash the party. How about you two?”

“Anne here is your classic vampire fan. She even dresses the part, I’m sure you can tell.” Cadee answered; and as she spoke, the girl spun on her stilettos and curtsied, making Cadee roll her eyes. “She couldn’t possibly miss a vampire book launch, much less if it was a Lucinda Graves’ one. I just got dragged along…”  

She thought about Meredith’s warning, the man was a charmer, and he may be a womanizer, but she also liked him very much. Trusting her instincts had saved her life time and again, so she finally added, “and I’m glad I did.”

"Well, I'm glad you did too".

“Stop drooling, you two,” Anne interrupted. “I don’t want to be sued because the floor is all slippery.”


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