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With a sharp turn, Jasmin stormed away from the sound of downstairs, letting Lucinda Graves head down unopposed. Stupid, stupid woman. At least she could claim, honestly, that she had tried to stop her now. Her eyes turned to the other man, coming up the stairs, with a bit of purpose to his stride. For a moment, the vampire considered following him, then changed her mind. Priorities.
Pushing past Evalyn, she made directly for her office, slamming the door shut behind her as she reached to dial 911 on her phone. She heard a young operator answer the line, cutting said operator off mid-greeting. “This is Jamin Taylor. No e on the end of the name. Need police and ambulance at Graveyard, address....” she trailed off, slowing down just long enough to give the address, pausing a moment to think of how to describe the situation.
“There are at least two people firing on the lower-level of the club,” a gloved hand reached out to the controls for her monitors, flicking through security cameras. “Yeah, there's injured people. Send ambulance. Back to work for me.” She ignored the standard request to please stay on the line they were always trained to give, hanging up on the operator and placing the phone down on the desk.
Click. Click.
Jasmin stopped and stared. In the privacy of her office, she finally gave up, a pair of now-yellow eyes watching the security monitors. She clicked through, stopping on the upstairs one. Good. That was looking normal, and her security had, finally, moved over to the stairs. It was about time.
Click. Click.
A low, deep, animalistic growl escape from her throat at the image that greeted her on the screen. Was that one really missing half his face? It was an injury that should have left him dead, and given that the remainder of his face looked human, she had to assume not vampire.
Something inside of her snapped, the glass in her hand sailing into the wall. Every instinct told her to go down there and give in, to join the battle; to feed and to kill these things that were invading the territory of a predator which would not brook interference on this level. The rational part of her mind answered back about the dangers and the need to hide, and conceal, to be that predator.
A minute later, the chair across from her desk stood in pieces, and the vampire began to calm. There. She had destroyed something; the urge was settled for the moment. Training before bed would also help. When she turned her eyes back to watch, she let the fantasies of destruction pass through her…
Then she reached for her phone again to dial her lawyer. There would definitely be a Special Crimes Unit investigation at this point. Copies of security tapes could be made and reviewed later. Whoever managed to escape, found and dealt with. Yes. I can get through this. It's not like I'm getting any older.

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