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The Hellfire Lounge

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Located in New York's West end, the Hellfire Lounge is a hot spot for the supernatural community. The club itself is located below ground level, with steps going down from the street (typical to New York architecture).  The entrance is extremely discreet, in fact it doesn't even have a sign. Those who know it's location still have to get passed whichever of the triplets Persephone has working the door that night. Only people who know about the supernatural world are allowed entrance. Strangely, the bouncers have a knack for instinctively knowing who to let in and who to turn away.

Inside, the Hellfire is quite chic, with dim lighting and soft lounge music playing in the background. There are 2 bars on each side of the club, and a number of plush tables and booths in the middle. Persephone has an office at the back of the club, which another of the bouncers constantly guards.

Hellfire's menu caters to its diverse clientele; from haute cuisine to fresh blood, there's not much you can't get.

It's also a well known safe zone for humans and demons alike. There is a strict no fighting policy, which the bouncers strictly enforce. Of course, if someone does start a raucous, and another patron deals with it first, the management may turn a blind eye.

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