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Character Name:  Cadence ‘Cadee’ Cloud

Other Names: Carol Miller (real name, not used)

Race: enhanced human - arguably human/demon

Sex: female

Birthdate / Location: Sunnydale, CA. 21st June 1995

Group Affiliation: n/a

Position: waitress / bartender



Aesthetics and Dress~ Cadee is a rather stunning young woman, with long dark blond hair, hazel eyes and a big smile. Tall and thin, she likes dressing in jeans, tops and sweaters, although she also has a more feminine wardrobe for when the occasion calls. She loves shoes, especially boots, make-up and hair products. 

Attitude~ Cadee is highly independent, she has a deep distrust of organizations and the government, given her past experiences with both, and usually has problems with authority. She refuses to be on the payroll of a group bigger than a dozen people. Her mother’s ever present worries of being discovered rendered her somewhat paranoiac. Her birth certificate, social security card and driver's license are water-proof fakes. 

She is well aware of her nature, so she has a very flexible view on supernatural beings.

Lifestyle~ At present, Cadee works as a waitress and substitute bartender at 'Slàinte', a bar/lounge in Little Italy, where she sometimes sings as well.

She lives with Anne Millet, her roommate, in an apartment close to the bar and she has two cats, Freddo and Flora.

Cadee also has a very good ear for music and languages, she can play the guitar well and sing a little. She learnt Spanish after living several years in Miami and has picked up Italian since she's living in an Italian neighborhood. 

She compensates her lack of studies with an insatiable curiosity and a love of documentary programs, especially about animals and History. 

Cadee loves cooking.


Cadee is played by Piper Perabo


Cadence Cloud was the daughter of Susan Price and Graham Miller, both former members of the organization called ‘The Initiative’.

The Initiative was a secret US government organization that ran from the times of the Second World War to 2000, when the US government deemed it a failure and closed its operations. During the time preceding to its closure, it was located beneath the University of California campus in Sunnydale. Under the direction of Professor Margaret Walsh, military commandos captured and studied werewolves, demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures for the covert U.S. government operation.

Less well known was the fact that said commandos were also part of The Initiative and Maggie Walsh experiment programs. Well fit and trained men and women to begin with, they were ‘enhanced’ in their strength and durability by the use of a combination of drugs and supernatural DNA.

Susan and Graham were originally members of those commandos, Graham posing as an University student, and Susan  as a teacher assistant. A secret romance between the two led to the birth of their only daughter, Cadee, or as they called her then: Carol Miller.

After learning that she was pregnant, Susan Price considered abandoning the Initiative, but Prof. Walsh –much more aware of how special the child would be than her parents– was adamant about it. “We take care of our own, Susan,” were Maggie Walsh’s words. “You won’t need for anything, and after the child is born he or she’ll stay in the facilities while you’re out in your duties.”

The solution suited Susan and Graham, who at the time didn’t want to be separated from each other and didn’t hinder Susan’s future in the Initiative. By the time Cadee was two, Susan and Graham ended their relationship, however, both shared responsibilities in the girl’s caring and upbringing.

Margaret Walsh had her own motives for wanting Susan to stay within the program; the offspring of two of her super soldiers would be special enough, but she saw the opportunity for further experiments. Without her knowledge, Susan was treated during her pregnancy with even special ‘cocktails’ of supernatural DNA which altered the child’s gene pool permanently. After the girl was born, Prof. Walsh continued her experiments and as Cadee grew up she started with behavioral conditioning.

Cadee's early years were not precisely ordinary, but, which girl raised in the middle of a super secret military operation would have a normal childhood? Prof. Walsh’s secret programs and she kept a hawk’s eye on the girl, so she spent more time around scientists and teachers than with her parents. However, Susan and Graham were never apart for long; and Cadee didn’t lack love either.

Cadee was surprisingly strong and healthy, and brilliant: her language skills were very advanced for her years and she showed an impressive talent for music. But most importantly, she was a happy child.

It wasn’t until the girl was almost five years old that Susan noticed something was wrong with her daughter. The girl lost her happy nature and started to sulk and undergo long periods of silence. She was usually affected with nausea and headaches, also Cadee started suffering terrible nightmares that woke her anguished and crying.

Susan tried to speak to the girl only to find an iron solid barrier; she then spoke to some of the various psychologists that worked in the laboratories, but her fears were dismissed as ‘mother worries’. Mother worries or not, Susan didn’t like the way everybody discharged the girl’s obvious change, even her father, and started to pay more attention to what was happening around her. A little later, Cadee started to refuse going to her lessons –an activity that had been pleasurably before – and was even more apatheticwhen she returned to their rooms, so Susan decided to learn exactly what was happening during lesson times.

What she learnt, horrified her. She saw her five-year-old daughter being put to sleep and treated almost as sub-terrestrials were treated. As she watched in horror, she saw doctors connected patches and plugs to Cadee’s little body, and later do routines of what could only be behavioural conditioning. Only Susan’s strict training prevented her from entering the lab and taking her daughter out of there immediately. Instead, she decided to tell Graham about her discoveries and take her daughter away the first opportunity they had.

She didn’t have to wait long and she didn’t have time to go to Graham either. While she was hiding outside the laboratory where her daughter was being experimented on, one of the vampires encaged got loose and started killing its captors. Taking advantage of the chaos that prevailed, Susan entered the laboratory, liberated Cadee from her restraints and fled the Initiative.

She hid in a cheap motel in Sunnydale’s outskirts, but her initial idea of telling Graham what she had done was delayed by Cadee’s condition. The girl suffered of what looked like a severe case of withdrawal, and a couple of days later, Susan started showing the same symptoms as well.

Susan and Cadee barely survived, they were lucky the motel’s owner didn’t dismiss them as a couple of junkies and instead nursed them back to health. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick. By the time Susan was sane enough to try and contact her ex-lover, she could find no traces of him.

Susan stayed around Sunnydale for a almost a week more before giving up her hope of finding Graham. She had no idea of what had happened to the Initiative and Prof. Walsh, and was afraid that if she stayed in Sunnydale her daughter would be in danger. So she moved to LA, assuming that they could get lost in a big city like that.

Once in the big city, Susan changed her and her daughter’s name and decided to start anew. Given her daughter’s affinity for music, she called her Cadence, and adopted the surname Cloud - Susan was a fan of the Final Fantasy games, and considered that the surname of a virtual super soldier was fitting enough for the likes of them. In the times that followed, Susan got a normal job and raised her daughter as a single mother, even if at nights she sometimes felt the old urge and left the girl with a nanny to go hunting.

With time, Cadee stopped having nightmares and regained her happy nature, but she continued being abnormally stronger, faster and healthier than normal kids. Susan realized that even if she had returned to normalcy after leaving the Initiative, her daughter would continue being special. She decided she needed to help Cadee in that respect too, and started teaching her martial arts and the use of weapons. When she considered the girl could understand it, she told her about the different kinds of creatures that peopled the earth, and about her own nature, and started taking Cadee with her when she hunted, even if it usually led to discussions about the reasons for killing everything that wasn’t human while letting human ‘monsters’ go. She couldn’t find much difference between them.

By the time she was a teenager, Cadee had become a strong and deadly warrior, and she had surpassed her mother in every respect, reminding Susan of her old friend Riley’s girlfriend, the Slayer.

Susan’s worries for Cadee’s safety led her to move continuously, living a somewhat nomad’s life. After living in LA for a couple of years, she moved to Miami, then Chicago, Seattle, and finally New York – which got to be their last destination. When Cadee was sixteen, Susan got killed in patrol, and the girl didn’t get to move again.

However, her mother’s previsions had her prepared Cadee for such an occurrence and she had a plan. She  dropped school a few months before graduating so Social Services wouldn’t find her, moved to a small apartment in a different neighborhood, and got a job as a bicycle messenger at Flash Courier Service -with a fake ID- to support herself.

At present, she works as a waitress and substitute bartender in a cop’s bar/restaurant near Central Park, in Manhattan, where she sometimes sings as well – and she lives with a roommate in an apartment close to the bar.

Items: A selection of knives, stakes and a crossbow that she inherited from her mother. No fire weapons, she doesn't like them. Also her guitar and a good Trek bicycle from her years as a cycle courier. 

Powers: Cadee has nearly all the powers of most renowned super-soldiers. She’s stronger, faster and more resistant than normal humans; her hearing and eyesight are much improved too. She is immune to most human illnesses and affections, along with fast healing rates. Basically, she’s an artificial slayer.

Other abilities: she has a very good ear for languages and music. She loves cooking.

Secrets: her nature.




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Love the character! Has my approval!

What year are we setting

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What year are we setting this?  2012? If so that makes her only 17 and not old enough to be a bartender.  Other than that she's fine.  Cute idea.


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The date we were discussing is 2021. If you look, Season 5 was taking place in 2015, so we can't run it in 2012. 2021 gives enough time between events.

Yes, I'm making her 26, so I

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Yes, I'm making her 26, so I had 2021 in mind for the date. Otherwise I would have to revise the char, since I dont want another teenager in my hands!!! (with my eldest daughter I have enough, thank you) :D

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