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Cadee got to the alley a couple of minutes after them, it wasn’t very easy to swim a terrified people sea, this time going ‘inside’ the club, the sound of shooting in the alley was explanation enough for that change of direction.

The back alley was mostly empty, but for the strange freak who was now coldly finishing off a goth girl with a shot to her head. The thing didn’t even bother to look at the woman he was killing, as he turned to follow the other one to a van parked at the head of the alley.

Really mad, Cadee silently dove towards the gunman, who at the warning cry of his partner, turned and fired , scorching the wall of the club with bullets that missed her by inches. But he didn’t count on her unnatural speed, taking him by surprise, she efficiently grabbed the firing hand, yanked the freak towards her and hit him with a solid left to the remains of his head while at the same time she twisted his wrist, making him lose the gun.

The ‘zombie’ muttered in surprise, but he recovered quickly, seemingly unaffected by her attack. He lashed out with a kick to her ribs, making her double in pain, and before she could regain her balance, he plowed towards her.  Cadee gasped as he slammed her against the wall; however, she also recovered quickly, and bracing herself against the wall, she kicked him with both feet, sending him flying across the alley. He crashed into some dumpsters, scattering their content all over the ground. She ran towards him, leaping into the air and rolling into a flying somersault to land on a legdrop on his groin.

“So, you’re still male, aren’t you?” she laughed, as he doubled in pain beneath her. She beat the thing’s face, listening to the unmistakable sound of a broken nose, and quickly got to her feet.

“And you are stupid devojka!” a heavily accented voice sounded to her left. Cadee turned and paled when she saw the cannon of the other one’s gun just a couple of feet from her chest. She had made a stupid mistake and not paid attention to the human creep; in her mind, he was already in that damn van. *That’s how you get killed, Cade,* she thought.*Being careless.*

As she frantically contemplated possible moves, she saw the man cock the gun and smile. He was enjoying himself, and she decided to play on that.

“You know you don't frighten me, right?” Cadee said with derision, looking at him in the eye.

“You should,” he said, but she saw him falter half a second, puzzlement in his eyes, he had probably expected her to ask for mercy, act terrified. Stupid man, hadn’t he seen her beat the crap out of his partner?

She gave a step further, shortening the distance between them. She knew the risk, she had seen them shoot indiscriminately inside the club, but she was dead either way.  

“Your man there, he can’t die.” She said, signaling the fallen creep with a movement of her head.  “Well, I can’t die either,” she lied, and watched his face go all baffled again. Another step and he would be at her reach, if she moved fast enough, maybe she could surprise him before he shot…

But before she could say another word, a screeching mass of fur and claws jumped out of nowhere and landed on Drago’s face, making him reach with his hands, involuntarily shooting the gun as he moved. Cadee ducked and rolled, hearing the bullets pass just inches from her for the second time of the night, and saw the zombie-thing convulse on the ground as they hit him instead. From behind the dumpsters, she watched as the man comically dealt with a furious silver cat who was firmly clawed to his head.  

He finally disentangled from the cat, and aimed at it, but the animal was too fast and got out of sight. Cursing, his face a mass of bleeding scratches, the man run to his van, all the time firing that automatic of his towards the alley. He didn’t even once look at his partner on the ground.

When Cadee saw him start the van and drive away, she got out of her shelter and approached the zombie on the floor. She kicked him; he didn’t move, but she wasn’t fooled. They had proved impossible to kill. He was probably just unconscious.

It was just as well, somebody would find him out there; she could hear the police sirens finally approaching.

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