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2021-05-25 00:46 - Tuesday - Waiting for a Friend

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Balthazar's Office

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring him,” Balthazar whispered to Tabitha. He pointed to the two, meathead goons that were sitting patiently on the other end of his massive office, “Dumb and dumber over have all the muscle I need for this”.

The weathered seer rubbed the sorcerer’s shoulder affectionately. “I don’t doubt that you couldn’t handle this vampire alone darling, but it’s not the point. A dog needs its exercise so to speak. The more he can get out of his system, the easier he is to deal with”.

“I know, I know,” he sighed. “But I can’t afford anything to happen. Not tonight of all nights”.

“It will be fine. Take him, let him live his nature and if anything happens, just use your magic to make right the situation”.

“Thank god this is almost over. I’m getting too old to deal with this shit,” Romano laughed, his fears quelled somewhat by Tabitha’s logic. Just then, his young bodyguard entered the room.

“Ah Logan, there you are. How you feeling tonight? Full of piss and vinegar I hope!”

Logansurveyed the room, instantly knowing it wouldn’t be a typical evening. He recognized the psychic and the two henchmen, what were their names, Bill and Frank?. It didn’t really matter. Logan knew their presence meant that whatever he was doing tonight, it involved some sort of strong arming. The young man’s blood began to pump in excitement. “So what’s on the agenda then?”

“We’re visiting my friend Jasmin. She went to pick up something for me and I want to save her the trouble of coming all the way over here”.

Logansmirked. His boss was obviously being facetious. In reality he knew they were probably going over to forcibly take something from the woman, not that he minded. When it came to humans, Logan had a strong moral compass, but in the demon world, all that went to the wind. Morality and ethics never came into play for him when dealing with monsters. “Sounds like fun”.

“My limo is waiting downstairs, I’ll be there in a second,” Romano ordered. As the three men left, he turned towards Tabitha. The smile on his old face was big and bright. “Ironic isnt it?”

“The irony wasn’t lost on me,” she smiled back.  

Balthazar practically skipped out of his seat as he grabbed hold of Tabitha’s arm to walk her out. “What a beautiful evening,” he sang loudly, as he flicked the lights off.

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