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Character Name: Alison Patricia Scruggs
Other Names: Lucinda Graves (pen name)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Birthdate / Location: August 1st, 1989. Born in Bloomington, Indiana.
Group Affiliation: n/a
Position: Freelance Journalist/Bestselling Novelist


Alison is played by Miracle Laurie.

Aesthetics and Dress~

In a world where the ideal of feminine beauty is no hips, no bust and taut abs, Alison is comfortable in a body that conforms more to the 1950’s idea of beauty. Left to her own devices, she tends to wear summer dresses or jeans and favours floral tops but often wears solid colours as well. When she needs to look professional she dons one of a selection of tailored suits. When making appearances as Lucinda Graves, she adopts a more sexy look.


Generally open and warm, Alison connects easily with people but shies away from making intimate connections. Although she has many acquaintances she numbers few people among her close friends.


Her combined careers have enabled Alison to afford an expensive apartment in Greenwich Village. Writing takes up much of her time, whether it’s on her next novel or a piece for the New York Times or the New York Daily News or any one of the dozens of other newspapers in the area. When she’s not writing, she prefers to spend her time quietly alone. Socialising is something she does only when she needs to mine for information or to make an appearance as Lucinda Graves.



Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Alison grew up in an unremarkable household with her parents, an older brother and a younger sister. Her passion for writing developed at an early age, and she stated when she was about ten years old that she planned on being a journalist. With this goal in mind, she won a scholarship to New York University’s Journalism Institute, and secured an internship with the New York Times.

During this time she continued to write fiction, and had a couple of bodice rippers published under the pen name of Alison Scott. She reasoned that nobody would want to buy a romance written by Alison Scruggs, and her agent helped her choose a suitable name. Those first books didn’t sell terribly well, but they sold enough to encourage her to continue to moonlight as a novelist while journalism paid the bills. It was also around this time that among the men she dated was one named Pablo Sandoval, who had recently graduated from the police academy. This was one of her longer relationships, surviving several months before the inevitable end.

Alison’s career as a journalist progressed steadily. She was even nominated once for a Pulitzer but didn’t win it. It was her fiction that won her the most acclaim. After a handful of books written under various pseudonyms, she finally hit upon the formula that worked. Vampire stories were always popular, and she began to write supernatural romance fantasies using the new name of Lucinda Graves. The books started to do well, and then very well, hitting the bestseller lists. By the time she’d churned out her third book in the series, she was able to move out of her small apartment and secured an expensive loft with panoramic views in Greenwich Village. So far there are six books, and she’s currently working on her seventh.

At the urging of her agent, she submitted to a photoshoot that produced the picture that adorns the dust covers of all of Lucinda Graves’ books. She still feels a twinge of embarrassment whenever she sees it, but she can’t complain about the income Lucinda brings her. She hasn’t taken particular pains to hide her real name, but most people don’t bother to check and she’s grown used to answering to the name Lucinda when at fancy parties. Lucinda has also helped to get her into places where Alison Scruggs and her lowly press pass might not be welcome, so she has a whole section of her wardrobe devoted to the sorts of sexy outfits that Lucinda is often seen wearing.

Naturally, she knows that vampires, demons, werewolves, and the other supernatural creatures she writes about don’t really exist.


iPhone, Bluetooth, laptop, makeup case.


A way with words.


While not exactly a secret, it’s not unusual for people to be unaware that Lucinda Graves is not a real name.

Image she uses for the dust cover of her books, as Lucinda Graves.


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One editing note, which I am

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One editing note, which I am proud to catch: Dave's character name changed from Pablo to Juan-Pablo.  Aside from that, quite like, especially the supernatural aspect. One curiosity: since she writes supernatural novels, does she have any actual experience with it? Or just the normal legends and all that one collects to write a series?

I'll draw your attention to

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I'll draw your attention to the last sentence/paragraph in her background section:

Naturally, she knows that vampires, demons, werewolves, and the other supernatural creatures she writes about don’t really exist.


As for Pablo, I checked with Dave and he says that people who know him would just call him Pablo, not Juan-Pablo. Hence my use of Pablo.

You know, it should be Juan

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You know, it should be Juan Pablo, no hyphen, they don't exist in Spanish names (I know, i'm being over perfectionist, sorry)



I like her, she's about to have a big surprise... wink


I appreciate the tips on

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I appreciate the tips on Latin culture, Ally, you know.

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