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 “Logan, you don’t need to hover around all night,” Balthazar whispered, as he waved to yet another person he presumably knew. You had to give the man credit, he was an expert at working a room.

“Just doing my job sir.”

“I know, I know, but how am I supposed to meet any of these gorgeous ladies with a guy like you standing next to me?” The sorcerer had one of his mischievous grins plastered all across his face. He slapped Logan on the back and pointed discreetly to a red headed bombshell just a few feet away. “If we go talk to her, who do you think she’s going to be more interested in, an old man like me, or a young buck like you?” Logan smirked, he had a point. “Now give a player a chance Logan, go get a drink or something.”

The bodyguard was hesitant. “You sure?”

“Of course. This place is filled with publishing suits and literature groupies, not really the most dangerous crowd. Now I’m going to make my move, so skedaddle would you”.

“Alright, but I’ll be close”.

With Balthazar scurrying off after the vivacious redhead, Logan was left standing alone. *This is a bit awkward*. Not sure what to do with himself, he decided to get the lay of the land so to speak. The place was crowded, but Balthazar had a point, no one looked particularly dangerous.

"Sorry....excuse me....sorry about that." Logan did his best to wade through the mass of people, until he noticed a man going through an archway to a more sparse area of the club. Smart guy Logan thought, following him, hoping to get some respite from the crowds. As he passed through the threshold, he immediately regretted his decision. The man he had been following to salvation had stopped to lean against the wall.  Even from behind, Logan immediately recognized him. The cop! Fantastic. Was this just another coincidence or was something going on Logan wondered.

Sandoval breathed easier now that he was out on the balcony, even though he didn't smoke, it was clear that this was usually a smoker's refuge. The beat of the music was still loud but it wasn't making his temples throb like it had been. He set his drink down on the railing and closed his eyes only to hear a voice behind him.

"Hey Pablo, right?"

Pablo turned and saw Logan, the strange man from earlier this week that had been attacked by the demons. He'd not stopped to get to know him because of Alison, but he still had questions. It’s was a party, it might be better to approach this as a social contact rather than a police matter. Pablo smiled and extended a hand.

"Pablo, tonight, Detective Sandoval most of the time. Logan, isn't it? Look don't look so stricken. I'm off duty. I had to come out here because if I hear that 'unh-chik unh-chik unh-chik' beat for another second I'm going to either have to start dancing or go postal."

 “Not sure which one is worse,” Logan smiled, though he still remained a bit on edge. Balthazar’s warning about Sandoval rang in his ear, even though his own ‘spidey sense’ was definitely not tingling.

 “Funny, I wouldn’t have pegged you as a Lucinda Graves fan,” he said, trying to make small talk. It was a tough situation - on one hand, he knew he couldn’t just excuse himself without drawing suspicion, but on the other, if he stayed and chatted, for sure the topic would turn back to Tuesday night.

Pablo laughed, "I'm not. Lucinda is shallow and vain, and I've not read any of her books. Alison, on the other hand, is someone I admire and am looking forward to getting a lot closer to in the coming days."

The cop and the reporter together? It was as if the coincidences were just compounding. “Well, tonight’s probably not the best date night is it,” Logan chuckled, taking a quick glance back at the crowded interior.

Pablo thought that Logan was glancing over his shoulder uncomfortably.  Almost as if he was embarrassed to be seen with a cop. Pablo hated to push him for fear he'd run again, but he had a feeling that he'd be back before long.

Pablo leaned back and lifted his drink, "I didn't think it would be, but it has actually been very entertaining. I've been able to see another side of Alison I didn't know. I've been able to be an insider and an outsider tonight. You, for instance, why would you be at this party? What is your connection to either Lucinda Graves or Graveyard Club?"

The young man knew the cop wouldn’t buy it if he said he was a die hard Lucinda fan, but what was the other option? The club owner was a vampire so it wasn’t a good idea to connect himself to her either. Unconsciously, he began to rub his neck nervously. “I’m ah…I’m actually working tonight. I do security”.

Pablo nodded, lots of guys work security at clubs, especially if they are strong and have some training. "Nice work, especially tonight," Pablo tipped his glass toward a cluster of young, half-naked, heavily made-up ladies surrounding the blond giant who modeled the covers of Lucinda's books.

"Of course, if you were doing security, you'd be closer to her," Pablo pointed the other way towards Jasmin who was being a gracious hostess and greeting people as they came in, "or him," Pablo pointed at a darkened corner where Balthazar was lurking.

Pablo's eyes burned across the darkened room. He talked absently as if thinking aloud, "I spotted him a few minutes ago. I am trying to guess what his interest is in this particular event."

Then he returned his focus to Logan and the moment, "Never mind, It isn't your problem." He drained his drink, "I'm going to get another and maybe strafe the buffet again. Have fun."


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