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As she practically danced her way up the stairs to the upper level of the Graveyard Club,  Anne was sure she could understand what Charlie had felt at the gates of the chocolate factory.  She turned around and prompted her companion, a much more composed Cadee.

“Come on, come on, come on, brighten up! It’s vampires’ night. My kind!”

Cadee took a look around and nodded appreciatively. The already Victorian atmosphere of the place was heightened by the lightning and ‘old vampire movie’ decorations; even if the blood bags hanging  above the bar looked more Mel Brooks than Bela Lugosi. Cadee smiled, it was a nice touch, though. *Especially if the owner is a vampire*, she thought .  

The room was full with the expected vampire wannabes, assorted goths and more serious book lovers, also members of the press –if the flash lights were any indication – and people in general. An important book display stood near the bar area too, complete with a cut out of Anne’s future husband, and Anne’s future husband too, if she wasn’t mistaken…

“Oh my, oh my, oh my! It’s Donatien Darque!” Anne cried and Cadee smiled. Nope, she wasn’t mistaken. However, Anne looked more the vampire than the infamous Donatien, she thought , her dress all black satin and lace, the only touch of  color a red and black stripped under-bust corset, and even a vampire bite choker! Well, at least she had been able to talk Anne out of wearing plastic fangs…

“You know he’s not a real vampire, don’t you?”  She asked, and received a killing look in response. She giggled, feeling wicked. “Just promise me you won’t go and offer your jugular to him, please.  Imagine how many of these… vampirettes will do that, you don’t want to be so obvious, do you?”

“I wouldn’t be so predictable,” she said, a little too quickly, and Cadee knew she had been thinking of doing just that. Then her face softened, “but you can’t deny the man is beautiful. Look at those shoulders, and those eyes! Maybe I’ll offer him something else…”

“Sure. Because that wouldn’t be predictable at all, right?” Cadee answered, an appreciative look in her eyes. Actually, the man was beautiful, blond and tall. Not bad at all. And he played his part well; he was pretending to bite a convincingly languid Lucinda Graves in the neck, for the pleasure of their fans, while reporters took picture after picture.  

“I won’t bother talking to you, heretic no-book person,” Anne replied with a sneer.

“No nonsense person, you mean?”

“No. I mean heretic no-book person,” Anne repeated, watching her friend and sighing. “And I had such hopes for you…”

“What you had was a vampire costume for me; you’re still sulking because I’m not wearing it.”

“You look OK, I guess, for a layma –woman,” Anne lied, watching her friend. Cadee was clad in a sequined smoke colored mini-dress that showed off her long legs, and incredible cow-fur boots. She knew Cadee had been waiting for months for an occasion to wear the outfit, and she looked really hot, but she wasn’t going to admit it.

“Not everybody can come as a vampire, Anne. I could have brought a stake and come as the Slayer…”  Cadee said.

“Sure, because that would have been appropriate!” Anne replied, rolling her eyes.  “Now, if you excuse me, I think I saw Mr. Tall and Wonderful. Maybe not as wonderful as dear Donatien, but you know what Marie Antoinette said, right?”

“If they have no bread, let them eat cake?” The blonde asked, suppressing her laughter.

“Exactly,” Anne said. “And I happen to have a craving for sweets tonight.”

“Don’t delude yourself, what you have is a sweet tooth,” Cadee answered, but she was already gone.

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