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Name: Meredith Alice Bell

Other Names: Meri, Freckles (nickname), Violet Raine (stage name)

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 135lbs

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Birthdate / Location: 23rd July, 2000 (21) - Billings, Montana

Group Affiliation: NYU

Position: Undergraduate, Aspiring Journalist, Exotic Dancer at The Grindhouse

Address: 243 Henry Street, Lower East Side, New York, NY 10002

Meredith is played by Gemma Arterton

Aesthetics and Dress~

Standing at 5’9” in height, Meredith has a womanly figure - the boobs and bit of a bum that men love and women hate in a world full of Kate Moss wannabes and Slimfast diets. She has mid-length dark brown, (almost black) hair and almost always sports choppy, full bangs that fall into her eyes. Her dark brown eyes and pale complexion give her a doe-eyed, winsome look, whilst a scattering of freckles across her nose make her appear younger and more girlish.

When not performing at The Grindhouse, Meredith’s standard dress is rather tomboyish, consisting mainly of well-worn jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and trainers. She also wears little if no makeup - a slick of Chapstick and maybe some eyeliner is usually her limit.



Tough and independent, Meredith has had to make her own way in the world and as such doesn’t make friends easily. Because of her upbringing, she tends to be distrustful of strangers or people who appear too immediately friendly. Therefore it can take a while to win over her trust, but once someone does she is a dedicated friend. She also has a strong work ethic born from a sheer determination to succeed, she is devoted to her studies but also applies this maxim to every other aspect of her life.

A little known fact is that Meredith has quite a temper, she hates being pushed around and has a major problem with authority figures. However, because she strives to ‘fit in’ and behave ‘normally’ she does her best to keep her temper under control and often bites her tongue to stop herself snapping or saying something that might make people think badly about her.

When she dons her Violet Raine persona, Meredith effectively steps into the role of someone else. That person is alluring, sexy and assertive, from the clothes and make-up that she wears right down to her attitude. Violet is all silk stockings and six-inch spike heels, garter belts and sultry pouting. This fantasy world allows Meredith to let loose her domineering, aggressive side and though she would deny it, she secretly loves the feeling of absolute power and control she has when dancing.


Meredith doesn’t have much of a social life, most of her time is spent studying or sniffing out that next big story that will make her a successful reporter. Pretty much all of her evenings are spent working at The Grindhouse , (and occasionally she moonlights at another strip club called Titty Slickers.) If she were ever to have time on her hands, she would spend it in the great outdoors - or as close to it as she can get, running, rock climbing or hiking or just generally being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Financially, Meredith struggles to pay her rent and bills while still paying for her college tuition. She’s an ex-smoker, not by choice, but because she couldn’t justify paying out for something she didn’t really need. She lives in a small but cosy apartment with her best (read: only) friend, Gail Fitzgerald, in the Lower East Side. But they can rarely afford to have the heating on and so Meredith often has several layers of clothing on to compensate.

Regardless of her situation, Meredith is actually very happy with her life and proud to be earning her own money and making her way in the world.


Meredith never really knew her parents. At the age of five, her mother and father both died in a tragic automobile collision. Meredith survived, barely, but with no other close family members to take her on she was placed into the care of a succession of foster families. She went through a lot of homes, potential mothers saw in her a quiet girl with big, haunted eyes and saw a child they wanted to rescue and make their own. Of course, when Meredith didn’t open up to them, when she screamed blue murder in the middle of the night and wet the bed, when she didn’t suddenly become the perfect, sweet daughter of their dreams, they gave her back.

As she grew into adolescence, her childish beauty and fear attracted attention of the less altruistic kind from a few foster ‘fathers’ and ‘brothers’. She became the favoured choice of male sexual predators who were looking for a very special kind of child. Usually it was nothing more than a peek in the bathroom, or a hand that lingered too long on her bare legs. Occasionally, it was worse. Much worse.

Though she became angry and withdrawn, somehow, Meredith found an inner strength. The men who abused her, she realised, weren’t scary monsters but weak, terrified creatures afraid of exposure. Though she despised them and their equally weak and conveniently blind wives, she decided not to waste her anger on them. She realised the only way she could truly escape wasn’t to run away, but to stay, to survive. The best way to accomplish that was to study, hard, to get good grades, make the honours list and gain acceptance into university. That she did with a single minded determination, spending as much time as she could in extra classes even if they didn’t particularly interest her. She joined the track team, the gymnastics team, even the chess team. The rest of her time she divided between the library and working part time as a waitress to try and earn some money for college. Things didn’t get easier at home, but eventually, as she became physically stronger and more able to defend herself, her foster fathers lost interest. She wasn’t anyone’s idea of a victim anymore.

Her hard work paid off when she won a partial scholarship to NYU to study journalism. In her third year she found herself without a place to live though, thankfully, she was able to move in with a close friend - her only friend - Gail Fitzgerald, a sports major and fellow scholarship recipient who was also on the track team.

She and Gail moved into a cheap but cheerful 3rd storey apartment in the Lower East Side. Even so, Meredith found it hard to pay her share of the rent. Eventually she found herself juggling three part-time jobs and struggling to keep up with her studies. She was close to losing her scholarship and being kicked out of college when her roommate took her to meet her boss at The Grindhouse . Meredith was reluctant to say the least, and while the owner wanted her on the stage, she settled for waiting tables. After a few months she finally relented when their apartment was broken into.

(Above: Meredith as Violet Raine)

Her big debut was nothing to write home about, she was nervous and it showed. Still, never one to be defeated, Meredith persisted, watching the other dancers and getting tips from her roommate, Gail. She is now one of the most popular acts in the club and has her own regulars who never miss a show - and while it hasn’t solved all of her money worries, she has more time to devote to her true dream of becoming a journalist.


Though Meredith tends to travel light, she does have a few possessions. Notably she owns a beaten up pair of dog tags that used to belong to her father who was a Captain in the US Marine Corps. She wears these almost always - except when performing.

Possessions she always has on her person include a dog-eared notebook and pen which she carries everywhere in case inspiration strikes. Her pager and a bag of lollipops (usually strawberry flavour) which help her control her cigarette cravings.

The other most notable possession Meredith owns is a scrapbook which contains (amongst other things) the only photograph she has of her parents, a picture of her father from his military service record, a newspaper cutting about her parents car accident and random pictures cut from catalogues featuring happy families: children playing, perfect homes, smiling brides, babies and horses.

Meredith also looks after a black short-haired stray called Thomas J.

Powers: Aside from the ability to turn grown men into slack jawed zombies? Meredith is an excellent runner and loves pushing her body to its limit. In fact she excels in most physical activities such as rock climbing, swimming and hiking - preferring solitary pursuits over team sports. She is also quite flexible due to her background in gymnastics, and utilises this ability in her dance routines, incorporating semi-acrobatic elements to great erotic effect.

Secrets: None as yet, though she is a very cautions, wary girl and doesn’t talk about her past.

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