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Name: Evalyn (Eevie) Tavishelle Marie Jones Toussaint

Race: Demon (Chatuman)

Languages: English, French and Chatuman

Gender: Female

DOB: July 14, 1991



In her human in visage, Evalyn is 5'7” with a slightly tanned complexion and rich brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her almond shaped eyes of a startling green have a slightly elongated iris that's barely noticeable unless you're actually looking for the defect – they also reflect light in the dark more that is considered normal.



In general, Evalyn loves the thrill of life and getting anything and everything she desires. Extremely capable and knowing it, she's prone to be a bit of a show off and more than a little bit full of herself. She loves to win and hates to be made a fool of.


Evalyn can be extremely sweet, charming and fun when she wants to be, and any friends she has she adores. However, due to her somewhat odd sense of humor, selfish nature, reserved and untrusting manner in new company, and her subconscious habit of mentally picking out the faults of others, the process of making friends can be a bit trying. Get a few drinks in her or spice up her food with a sprinkling of catnip, though, and she's all giggles and giddiness!


In recent years, Evalyn has developed more of a pouty countenance than anything else, growing more impassive and unimpressed with life and her surroundings as each year passes that she can't morph into her secondary form.


Exceptional with computers

Extremely flexible

Uncanny dexterity



Charming singer

Poor swimmer

Perfectionist to the point of obsession





Judgmental and skeptical of people she doesn't know

A loyal friend

Terrible pianist

Occasionally a bit stoned



Fish (both live and sushi)








Warm spots in the sun





Dart and dagger throwing

Items of luxury

Classical music

Drawing and painting



Disorder and mess

Kitty litter


Toilet cubicles



Mass bodies of water


Evalyn was born in London, but raised in the Loire Valley regions of France with her half-blood mother and full demon father whom, together, are considerably well off.

Her mother, Marianne, is a lady of leisure born of a highly prestigious English family (that's no exception from scandal) and spends the majority of her time travelling, socialising, organising charity balls, or shopping in either Paris or Milan with her favourite chauffer, the handsome Frédéric.

Evalyn's father, Guillaume, is a consultant in systems and software engineering. A dashing man, he works for himself and travels often. He's a direct descendent of the Tavishelle line of France, which is as highly prestigious line amongst the Chatuman, but as common as the Jones are amongst humans.

Evalyn's childhood was fairly much of the norm (excepting the whole demon thing and her parents being loaded).

An only child, she was somewhat spoiled as daddy's pride and joy. Her mother, despite being something of a wild child in her earlier years, tamed Evalyn in etiquette, grace, and vainly in the piano. Her father taught Eevie about computers, archery, and the roots of her demon heritage.

Where her father was quite open about their demon heritage, her half-blood mother, likely as a result of having a stunted ability, said she honestly much preferred to maintain her human visage as it was "far more civilised", or so she would claim, and what was civilised should be practiced. It was an issue Evalyn's parents strongly disagreed on, but never openly fought about, for Guillaume was too often called out on business. They saw little point in arguing and much preferred to enjoy one anothers company when they could.

Evalyn was placed in an all girl boarding school at the age of 8 with strong warnings from her mother never to display her demon form. Ever! Her father would back her mother up, repeating how important it was that she not reveal her secondary form, then as they bid farewell, he drew her into a hug and whispered that she “just need to make sure no one is looking” before pulling away and throwing Eevie a conspiratorial wink while her mother's back was turned.

For ten years Evalyn remained in boarding school, building friends, enemies, and finishing the top of her class in nearly every subject save chemistry, piano (taken at her mother's behest), photography (due to dark-room issues), and swim-ed.

In her time she developed a reputation for being extremely resourceful – getting back a phone a teacher had confiscated, photos of their brother school at gym practice, cigarettes, alcohol, even the occasional drug in later years – you name it, she got it. At first it was just to win friendship when kids used to tease her for her strange eyes and scrawniness (more prominent at this young age), but it soon became something she just did! And the whole time she was true to her parents instructions, never once revealing her demon identity.

Her reputation followed her into university where she took up computer programming and engineering. Again she passed with flying colours, but the study bored her, and so she spent most of her time partying and hooking people up.

It was in this time she met Yves.

Evalyn wasn't quite prepared when she ran into the fellow demon at one of the more questionable parties she attended. A Chatuman wondering the world on their own is rarely heard of, aside from her father, but he still had Eevie and her mother to come home to. Generally they preferred to congregate in groups of their own, but Yves didn't even have so much as a regular domestic cat to call family.

So there he lounged, languid as any feline, sprawled out on the couch with some girl draped over his lap that he paid no more heed than he might a blanket. Their eyes locked, Evalyn and Yves, and ever since they've been inseparable.

Often Evalyn wondered just how coincidental their meeting was. Through Yves, her refined abilities to acquire just about anything the heart desires (more commonly known as thievery), went to new levels. Yves just happened to have all the right connections in both high and low places, often requiring items or information Evalyn had the talents to retrieve.

When first Yves proposed a job to her, she was somewhat circumspect, but after accepting and going along anyway, she completed the job successfully and without a single hitch.

The sheer thrill and satisfaction she felt in pulling off such an operation so flawlessly kindled something new inside her. She was born again and finally living! Not to mention paid a bucket-load, besides. But most importantly: she had Yves.

Life couldn't be sweeter and wondrously remained so for the following 5 years.

And then November 29th, 2016... it happened.

It was Evalyn and Yves fifth year anniversary since coming into each others arms and lives when they were offered another job by one of Yves best contacts, Loron. The job was a basic retrieval operation of some data that Evalyn could do on her own while Yves stuck around with Loron and, as per usual, relayed whatever he could to her that might help, whilst also keeping an eye on her progress and ensuring she didn't get into any trouble.

During the operation, Evalyn noticed her awareness of Yves was slowly dwindling. She knew nothing was wrong as it often happened – usually when either of them took something particularly recreational - and so she granted it to him considering the circumstances of the operation weren't exactly dire. She'd slipped easily through the parameters in her demon form and was in her human form while she hacked into the system, decrypted the specified items and saved them onto chip.

It was then, when the files were only a quarter downloaded, Evalyn's awareness of Yves vanished completely. She shook her head ruefully with a crooked smile for her indulged loved one... then froze stock still.

Something had happened.

She checked the chips progress: the files were still only half done. She started to panic. The walls seemed to close in on her. Files? Just over half. Heart pounding against an icy clasp that seemed to have taken hold of her lungs, Evalyn willed the data to hurry up!

Alarms sounded. Security bars locked down and Evalyn immediately aborted the mission, snatched back the chip popping it into her mouth, and morphed into her demon form... at least she tired. She was stuck! If such a word could be used to describe it. She couldn't change.

Heart hammering a mile a minute, Evalyn heard the pounding boots of security running down the hall outside and snapped, flinging herself at the metal bars that caged her. They wouldn't budge. Mind racing, she searched and searched and spotted a small air vent high in the rooms corner. She tore off the grate and only just managed to squeeze herself in. If it weren't for the sleek layer of panicked sweat that coated her body, she doubted she would have managed to pull her way through the system to make her escape.

When she returned to their apartment she found Yves, stoned out of his mind and sprawled on the kitchen floor in his demon form. When he finally came back around, in addition to the realisation that Evalyn could not revert to her demon form, they also discovered that he too could not revert to his human visage.

Loron was gone. For half a month they'd searched for him and tried to track him down, but he'd disappeared without a trace.

Evalyn then decided it best to return to her home apartment in London to see her mother and contact her father in hopes of finding either help in tracking down Loron, or a cure for whatever had them stuck in their relative forms.

A wild goose chase was soon to follow over the following year that lead them back and forth over Europe, then finally over to LA. After 6 months there they finally found Loron in a lavish hotel room at the Standard. Dead. He was the only lead and the last hope they had since no one seemed to be able to find a cure to help them. They searched his room anyway to see what else they could find that might help them, but other than his underwear, all they found was a collection of matchboxes from different bars (Loron had always been fond of collecting them for some unfathomable reason) and an address book with one address scrawled just inside the front cover. With no other substantial leads, Evalyn and Yves decided the random address was about the only option they had to follow.

It was a New York apartment in Soho. One that was available for rent, but with nothing else about the place appearing out of the ordinary, it really just seemed to be Loron's next move from LA. So they took it, and have lived there ever since.

Evalyn and Yves still keep an ear to the underground for any word that might lead them on to their cure, but as the years passed by, their hopes slowly dwindled. They now just carry on and live life as best they can. They're still some of the best in their trade, but the life and excitement of their work has wasted to a shell of what it used to be.


Soho apartment, iPhone7, laptop, specially balanced throwing knives, an extensive wardrobe, credit cards, cat carrier, and one silver striped cat (aka. Yves).


Not the usual super human demon strength, only that of a healthy man who looks after himself (male Chatuman are much stronger and display something more akin to super human demon strength). Should be able to shape change, but can't at present. Slow aging and longer lifespan. An uncanny sense of hearing, sight and smell. Lightning reflexes and superb balance. Speaks Chatuman (which is ultimately a telepathic communication shared with other Chatuman).


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Her boyfriend is her cat.


Played by:

Virginie Ledoyen

Awesome. I love the fact that

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Awesome. I love the fact that her pet cat is actually her boyfriend stuck in demon form.

I love her too. So she's kept

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I love her too. So she's kept to her thieving/hacking proffession? That's cool too :)


(in an apart, too many cat pets -even if they are boyfriends- I may change that about Cadee... maybe a dog)

I like, but then, mentioned

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I like, but then, mentioned that last night. :)

Another thumbs up from me too

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Another thumbs up from me too and a big shoutout to Manda!! :)

(Ally, maybe lots of single women = lots of cats? lol It makes sense, though I can't see Meredith's cat is gonna stick around for very long, or at least he's gonna need a new home, poor kitty!)

Ohhhhh, poor, poor

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Ohhhhh, poor, poor kitty!!!


(Dave, ignore the previous comment as anonymous... i had forgotten to sign in)


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Glad you like her and so excited to be back again and talking to everyone! So awesome :)

Also, since Eevie seems to be meeting approval, I'll post up the Chatuman demon profile too. Where should I put that?

PS. I'll update my account name and pic too now if no one minds ^_^ Don't like that shadowy figure as my avatar... I look dodgy, hehe

Like the final profile, makie

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Like the final profile, makie it a blog post - we can add it to the list so it can be accessed through the species tab. Or, rather, Dave can since I haven't quite figured out the syntax for that yet (but I'm learning!)

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