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What Goes Where

Part of the flexibility of Drupal is that it has different types of content for different uses.  To this end certain areas of this site are created to facilitate certain types of content.

Books:  This is where the game posts reside.  Posts are presented in chronological order YYYY-MM-DD with sub posts for parallel events.  Posts aren't placed into the book until they are completed.  

Blogs:  Blogs are for universe-building material.  Characters (gupporting and main), location, species, groups, items and such are saved here to make them easily accessible.


  • Talk Among Yourselves: This is just a general purpose chatroom for chats ranging from getting to know you, catching up or movie and TV discussions. These tend to linger for a while but aren't archived.
  • Plotting Sessions: This is for game-related discussions on plot,  collaborations, story and such.  Generally these chats will be discarded once they are finished.
  • Games and Diversions: Most forum posting games can be played here by creating a new chat for them.  These tend to linger until the games are completed.  Try not to have multiple games in one chat.

Pages:  Pages are reserved for (mostly) non-game content such as indexes, instructions, guides, help and links.  Pages are editable by any member.

Forums:  Forums are "workspace" for unfinished, proposed, or permanent discussion (unlike chatrooms) that affect all members.  Forums are threaded and content is categorized.

Galleries: Galleries are created by an admin but images can be added by any member. Galleries are for any collection of images that might need to be edited by the entire membership.

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