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The lone car pulled off to the side of the road in Maryland, door shutting. Jasmin moved around to the trunk of her car, keys out as she unlocked it. Her normal patrons wouldn't recognize her tonight: jeans, boots, a black turtleneck, and trenchcoat; her broadsword left the trunk and quickly got tied around her waist and covered. Patting her phone and bluetooth in the back, she gave a final look across the area, before making her way into the woodland area.
After twenty minutes, she finally heard a voice coming at her from a tree behind her. "That is quite far enough. Have you brought the money?"
She turned in place, looking for the source, unable to see. Just my fucking luck. Only her inborn night vision permitted her some degree of sight and navigation. "Yes, I do," she spoke up, her voice carrying. "Do you have the item?"
"Show me." Of course, she had expected that, as she pulled a large envelope from the right side of her jacket. "Toss it on the ground," she heard the voice say. Jasmin complied stepping away from it. There was a rustling a few moments later as it opened.
Moments later, she turned to find the greenish, Chameleon-resembling demon looking at her, highly annoyed, a bag over its own shoulder. Angry teeth bared at her. "This is half of what I asked for, bitch."
"Yes, it is," replied evenly, hands resting at her waist. Her eyes never left the demon this time. Why this demon needed money, she didn't know or care – cash had become a more common currency among some demons, she knew, for the same reason she had the practices she did. In the modern world, integration and camoflage was not just a luxury, but a necessity.
"I told you. I get the money, and you get the item."
"And I told you that you get half in advance, and half following delivery."
For a moment, the two of them stared at each other. Then it reached into its bag, and removed a box, opening it up to show the contents. Jasmin moved closer to look inside, the look on her face turning reverent. Here, at last, was the item Kadmus had written about: an item carried by St. Vigeous, which became a symbol of his station and authority. While she didn't share the religious devotion some were said to, Jasmin did have an admiration for someone able to amass a following large enough to require three armies to defeat him.
"Satisfied?" he asked, as she looked over the design. It was a braclet, held on with a single clasp; three chains connected to a ring, clearly meant to be worn on the middle finger. And in the braclet itself was a stone, a small jewel which did resemble an eye.
She looked up, and back at him steadily. "Yes. I am. Just... one more thing."
The demon tilted its head slightly. "What's that?"
Her broadsword was out a moment later, giving an inhuman growl as the blade flashed around, cutting into the back of its kneecap. The demon was on the ground as the blade swung back into its arm, the vampire moving around behind it. When the blade dropped to the ground, she wrapped her arms around its neck and began to pull back.
"....wh....why....?" it choked out.
"Because I want the tactile pleasure of ending your existence, and I can't afford to have any loose ends." It continued to struggle as her phone rang. Of course, the phone rang. Always at the worst possible times. Jasmin reached up to hit the blue tooth button, speaking light. "Hello?"
Anne's voice came back. "Hello, Jasmin?" The vampire gave a jerk back on the demon as it tried to make a pained sound. "What was that?"
"Oh, nothing. I'm at a dinner meeting and some just," she gave another good jerk, fulling crushing the windpipe, "had something go down the wrong pipe. What can I do for you, lovely?"
"I was thinking about your offer," Anne sounded a bit hesitant, she thought. Nervous, but not offput. "I'm thinking of accepting, and was wondering about the details."
A quick twist as it tried to throw her, and she felt the struggling start to lessen. The power was intoxicating. "Tell you what. I'm currently out of town on a business trip. Be back -" she winced at the audible snap of the demon's neck, standing and recovering her sword – "rather late tonight. How about if you come see me at the club tomorrow night? We can talk details, pay, benefits then."
"Really?" Now Anne sounded excited. Jasmin couldn't help but think that she hadn't heard the sound. It made her all giddy.
"Really, my dear. We'll get together then, and you can make a final call. Come by whenever you have time; I'll tell the bouncers to send you right to me."
"Alright. I'll see you then. Thank you."
Jasmin looked into the box briefly, and then down at the demon's body. "No, my dear. Thank you. Have a good evening." She thought she heard the usual, bandying reply, but she missed it as the phone hung up. Reaching down, she collected the envelope as well. "Thank you, indeed.." She rapped her knuckles on the back of the demon's head, beginning back to the car with an extra spring in her step.

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