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2021-05-25 06:15 - Tuesday

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The ride to the motel was eerily silent, punctuated mainly by the occassional grunt of pain when they hit a bump in the road. Eventually, light conversation made its way in after the initial shock after her jumping passed, directing them to the glove box for the envelope full of money. Naturally, Jasmin just kind of shrugged when they asked why she had a fairly large quantity of cash in her glove box.

2021-05-25 05:10 - Tuesday "A flying vampire"

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Jasmin paced back and forth on the terrace, her gaze turning East, always East. The rage had threatened to overwhelm her when the first calls went to voice mail. She'd kept dialing however, and eventually, in desperation, turned to dialing Anne's number. That finally produced someone answering their phone, and her pleading with the young woman to come at once. For her plan to work, Jasmin knew she'd need someone to help her get somewhere safe once she got off the roof.

2021-05-25 01:57 - Tuesday

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The vampire took the steps to her condo two at a time. If nothing else, Jasmin was in a good mood tonight. There wouldn't be much that could get her down, after all. She was home, she had the Eye safely stowed in a small box; her sword hung in her left hand in the sheeth, carried like she had just come home from practice, if anybody had bothered to ask. Her keys were out and in the lock as she passed inside, shutting the door behind her and locking it.

2021-05-24 20:15– Monday

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The lone car pulled off to the side of the road in Maryland, door shutting. Jasmin moved around to the trunk of her car, keys out as she unlocked it. Her normal patrons wouldn't recognize her tonight: jeans, boots, a black turtleneck, and trenchcoat; her broadsword left the trunk and quickly got tied around her waist and covered. Patting her phone and bluetooth in the back, she gave a final look across the area, before making her way into the woodland area.

2021-05-23 22:22 - Sunday "Out of State Trip"

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Jasmin drummed her fingers on the dashboard of her car, looking down at her spedometer one more time. It was rarer for her to travel, and she knew that she had to get back to New York as quickly as possible. Still, the ride was only a few hours on I-95. If all went according to plan, she would have the Eye and be back in New York before anyone knew that she was gone. Looking up at the latest sign, she decided that it was time to make the call she had been dreading, putting her Bluetooth headset on.

2021-05-20 23:52 – Thursday “An Evening in the Market”

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2021-05-20 21:45 - Thursday - "Bookworm"

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As she had done for the past two evenings solid, Jasmin didn't bother with changing out of her night clothes, simply pulling the black silk robe back around her. Ever since the Monday visit from Anne, the vampire had let business sort itself, and sequestered herself, largely, for research.

2021-05-17 10:25 "Confronting a Vampire"

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Jasmin's Apartment - 151 Wooster

Anne stopped in front of the double doors of Jasmin Taylor’s elegant department building, doubting. As usual, her manager had appointed her for the woman’s runs, but for the first time, Anne wasn’t thrilled.

22:51 Jasmin Reviews Security

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With a sharp turn, Jasmin stormed away from the sound of downstairs, letting Lucinda Graves head down unopposed. Stupid, stupid woman. At least she could claim, honestly, that she had tried to stop her now. Her eyes turned to the other man, coming up the stairs, with a bit of purpose to his stride. For a moment, the vampire considered following him, then changed her mind. Priorities.

22:47 Alison ventures downstairs

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Five minutes. All she’d wanted was five minutes alone with her man, and she couldn’t even have that.

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