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Sample: Title of Story

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The story starts here. People can add posts as a child of this post - if we all use the titling format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM then they'll appear in the correct order.

Below are a couple of replies showing how this works. Replies with date and time stamps on the second level are posts that lead on directly from the main story thread.

The post titled "Second Major Subplot" is a place for events occuring in the story but that are part of an offshoot (e.g. the group that went to Victor's world, or Alessa's capture).

I feel like the child Dave

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I feel like the child Dave mentioned... worse, like a lost child. 



So, it didnt appear with a date format. Where do i write the famous date format so it appears in the correct order? Cant find the place to write a title... 

Ahh, i have to add a child... lets see if i can become a proud mother... 


(sorry, i'm editing as i'm getting there)


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