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22:53 Cadee fights

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Cadee got to the alley a couple of minutes after them, it wasn’t very easy to swim a terrified people sea, this time going ‘inside’ the club, the sound of shooting in the alley was explanation enough for that change of direction.

The back alley was mostly empty, but for the strange freak who was now coldly finishing off a goth girl with a shot to her head. The thing didn’t even bother to look at the woman he was killing, as he turned to follow the other one to a van parked at the head of the alley.

22:45 Evalyn and Jasmin on the second level

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Having just raised her drink with Jasmin, Evalyn was taking a sip, feeling the warmth of the alcohol and pleasure of the evening together when Yves suddenly interrupted her again.


Ta gueule! Let me enjoy myself.

I am serious. I 'ave a feeling your night is about to be ruined.

09:05 “Cooking 101”

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Friday, 09:30

La Española Bar & Cantina


“Cadee, you should be taking professional classes, attend a Culinary School. I could get you a recommendation.” Imanol García said with his marked Spanish accent, watching his pupil, as she easily cleaned a squid for a ‘calamares en su tinta’ dish.

22:30 Jasmin and Evalyn

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Jasmin made her way through the crowd, not for the first time. Playing hostess through the evening went as it always did: you greeted, you talked, you monitored everything; nobody realized the work that went on even during. Half of her evening was spent directing staff to replenish this table or that one, or sometimes, getting involved making sure that a fight failed to happen. It meant drinking enough to become slightly tipsy, and in low moments like this, getting lost in more pleasant memories.

20:53 Evalyn and Meredith

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I can not believe you followed me.

I was not staying at 'ome again.

Well you can't come inside! No cats allowed.

Zat's fine! I am sure I could find some action in zeh alley.

You do zat. Just do not bring any fleas 'ome!

Sometimes that man could be nothing but infuriating! Still, Evalyn couldn't quite blame him – it was tough being stuck in only one form, but it was easier to acquire general items of pleasure when you were in human form.

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