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Owned by Jasmin Taylor, Graveyard operates in midtown, near the theater district, and features two levels to it. The lower level features an open dance floor, and a number of booths and tables, as well as bar area; this level has a more Industrial / Underground feel, catering to the general public.

The upper level is designed with a deliberately dark Victorian feel to it, featuring its own (admitedly smaller) dance floor and bar; that is the more Gothic level. Jasmin's office is also located on this level.

Overall, the club is known to cater to the goth subculture quite heavily; although once every two weeks, the club proper shuts down for a themed "leather night." On such nights, the lower floor is rented out, and the upper floor functions as an exclusive VIP club.

Jasmin's Office: is fairly small, and doubles as both the club office, and whatever theatre work she has currently in-production. She does have two small security monitors built into the wall, so she can watch the rest of the club when needed, and see who is outside her office before they come through the door. Noteable, on the back wall of her office, immediately behind the desk, she hangs a Chinese Broadsword.

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