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22:48 Logan and Pablo on the dance floor

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Logan’s eyes glanced back up the staircase scanning for any sign of Balthazar. If he couldn't see him then he felt reasonably sure he was safe from gunfire. So much for ‘what bad could happen?’, he swore silently, pushing his way past a group of hysteric party-goers.

Time for plan 'B'. If Logan couldn’t be by his boss’s side upstairs the only other option was to incapacitate the gunmen downstairs. Plus, the faster he could take down the psychos, the better chance Cadee and Anne had to get out of this bloodbath unscathed.

With iron resolve, Logan pushed onwards towards the action. He felt like a salmon swimming upstream, his path considerably slowed by the wave of frenzied patrons doing their best to get away from the shooting.

Pablo shoved his way upstream from the front door and ducked around a corner.  He pulled the chain on his badge over his head and checked the .45.  It wasn't a full clip but the remaining seven bullets should be enough as long as it didn't turn into a prolonged gunfight.  A pretty girl with a panicked look got shoved into him.  She saw the gun and nearly screamed but then she saw the badge. "Thank God you are here! Two nut-bags came in the back and started shooting!"

Pablo listened to her politely while trying to see around her.  He could hear shots at the back of the room which made her statement irrelevant. There was still a lot of activity inside and he needed to get closer.  "I have called for backup, lady, but I have to get you out of here. Head to the door.  Keep down.  Go!"

She nodded sheep-like and started to move when a bullet hit her square in the back.  Her blood sprayed over the people in front of her.  She laid there on the ground bleeding out while looking at him to do something. He had to pull his eyes away from the sight and did what he could.  He kept his head down and charged in while saying a prayer...for both her and him.

“Watch out!” Logan all but tackled a young man who was about to stray into the path of the newest round of gunfire. “Look there’s an exit there, go! Run now!”

With a terrified nod, the man mumbled something that resembled a ‘thanks’ before charging to safety, which now provided Logan with a clear view of the shooters.

For a moment, he stopped dead in his tracks, astonished at what lay before him “Oh Fuck!” One of the shooters was missing the better part of his face and for, all intent and purposes. There was no way he should even be alive. The other assailant, though not as disfigured as his jawless counterpart, had a huge gash running down his back, exposing his gruesome innards. Being employed by Balthazar had opened up a world of crazy, but these guys just topped the scale of weird. Of course, strange or not, Logan had a job to do and he wasn’t about to let the crazed zombies get away with this.

Fighting his natural instinct, Logan held back, waiting for a break in the gunfire – sure he was strong and fast, but he sure as hell wasn’t bulletproof. Luckily, it didn’t take more that a few seconds for the moment he needed and with one final, deep breath, he exploded into a full sprint, straight for the one with an intact head.

Completely caught of guard by the speed of his attacker, Kosta had no time to raise any defense before the man connected with a flying shoulder tackle. Both Logan and revenant tumbled to the ground, the force of the impact sending the gun flying harmlessly out of the killer’s hand.

Quicker to recover, Logan pounced on Kosta, and wrapped his powerful arms around the villain’s head, “You piece of shit!” Logan spat. With one violent twist, there was a sickening crack as he snapped the man’s neck. Expecting the man to fall down dead, Logan rolled to a stance facing the faceless wonder.

A voice behind him said, “Not so fast pretty boy!”

it was Logan's to be caught by surprise. He was completely unprepared when the zombie jumped back to his feet.

“Sitting duck right over here, Zoran,” Kosta yelled to his partner while struggling to hold the would-be hero in place.

"Hur ghur ghorgee," the grotesque tongue flapped over the ragged hole of the ghoul's throat as he raised his machine-gun to point at Logan.

The sound of two loud shots rang out through the club.  Logan flinched only to see Pablo Sandoval standing behind the bar wielding an automatic pistol in a tow-hand stance.  Zoran's remaining eye looked down at the huge holes in his torso and his eyebrow knotted, "Wiizzg wee,"  it said. And aimed at Pablo.

Pablo yelped and ducked behind the bar as the glass, bottles, Lexan and neon lighting exploded around him.

Logan twisted and managed to get an arm free long enough to grab his attacker's ear and he pulled, hard.  The ear ripped free of the skull and the attacker let go of Logan long enough for him to hop aside.  He was about to counter-attack when two burly security guys grabbed the leather-clad thug and began to wrestle him to the ground.

Ensuring that his attacker was properly subdued, Logan tossed the dismembered ear and headed towards the remaining zombie. The cop had arrived in the knick of time to save his life, and it was time to repay the favour! Déjà vue For the second time this week he and Pablo found themselves fighting side by side, just another weird coincidence to add to the already bizarre chain of events.

Logan was about to distract the headless gunman when circumstances did the work for him.  A bright flash of light flooded the alleyway alongside the building.  The strobing white light turning the dark abattoir of a dance floor into a macabre still-life of bodies and blood.  Then the CRACK of lightning that made the window panes shake, crack, and shatter in places.

Logan did not hesitate to take advantage of the distraction and with expert precision spun like tornado, his first leg kicking the gun out of the monster’s hand, his next kick landing square in Zoran’s chest.

The beast garbled some form of inaudible protest, but Logan only continued his rampage. No one could argue that fighting a zombie in the middle of a New York party was definitely strange, and yet, the bodyguard couldn’t help but feel a strange sensation of what he could only describe as ‘rightness’ wash over him. The battle, the blood, the mayhem…it all seemed vaguely familiar and so oddly comforting.

“I’ll find some way to kill you, you Fucker!” Logan roared, as he speared the ghoul to the floor and began to beat on the already pulverized head.

Zoran, pinned by Logan's body, reached into a boot and pulled out a hunting knife which he sank deep into his attacker's leg.

Even as Logan paused his assault momentarily a heavy studded boot kicked him hard in the shoulder to knock him to the ground. "Don't beat Zoran like dat! His head not so good no more," a heavily accented voice said and punctuated with it a .50 cal. Desert Eagle pointed at Logan's head.

Pablo rose from the bar in time to see the gun rise.  Without hesitation he climbed to the top of the ruined bar and launched himself in a dive at Drago. Pablo had no idea who he was, but he was defending one of those...things.  They weren't dead or rotten, so they weren't zombies.  He didn't know what they were. 

The security guys had pretty thoroughly pinned the other one and the cops would deal with him soon enough.  While behind the bar he'd had just enough time to call dispatch to make sure that his men of the SCU Tactical were being sent rather than the usual NYPD boys.  He'd had enough time to specify what was going on in a vague sort of way since he wasn't sure what was going on himself at the moment.

He hit Drago hard enough that he fell over and dropped his cannon, but it ended up with him, Pablo, the thing and Logan all sprawled among the corpses and wounded lying on the dance floor.  Drago and Zoran scrambled towards the exit as Pablo crawled towards Logan.

“Shit,” Logan winced, the pain running from his thigh through the rest of his body. The knife was buried deep and it was going to be a bitch taking it out. But out it needed to come, so with gritted teeth, and one deep breath, he tugged with all his might. “Arrghggg Fuck!” The agony was intense, and it clouded his vision, causing him to recognize Pablo only when he was close.

“I’m fine, and thanks for the save” he huffed, applying pressure to the gaping wound. “We’ve got to make sure those bastards don’t get away”. With fierce determination, the man struggled to his feet, only to have his leg give out half way up. Pablo was quick, catching hold of the man before he crumbled back to the floor

Geez, he’s a lot heavier than he looks

“Forget me, they’re getting away” said Logan, pulling himself free of cop’s grasp.

Pablo held on despite Logan's protests.  "Let them go.  I got a good look at the big one and the other guy isn't going to be able to hide for long with a head like that. There are people here who need help first, starting with you."

Pablo lowered Logan into a booth and lifted his leg onto the table to examine the wound. "¡Miércoles!, This is a deep cut.  You need to keep pressure on it.  Can you feel your toes?...no nerve damage?"

Logan shook his head in pain and Pablo nodded. He went back into the dance floor to check for any other survivors he could help.

Ohhh, I love that 'miércoles'

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Ohhh, I love that 'miércoles' it's just what a catholic, not swearing-type would say in such a situation. Kudos on Spanish usage, Dave :)

Thanks!  I found some

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Thanks!  I found some excellent resources for coliquial Spanish

It must be colloquial. I just

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It must be colloquial. I just used Google translate and it told me it means "Wednesday". lol

Yes, it is colloquial, and it

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Yes, it is colloquial, and it does mean wednesday, but people who don't like swearing use it instead of 'mierda' (shit) because they sound alike, but it is a lot weaker, less offensive. It's like when you say darn instead of damn :)

A man like Pablo would definitely use miércoles instead of mierda.

The usage I found was "Shoot"

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The usage I found was "Shoot" (as opposed to Shit)

Exactly! Very good resources.

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Exactly! Very good resources. I'd love to have those links, if you may.

This was the best one:

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This was the best one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Puerto_Rican_slang_words_and_phrases

I have a few others I've bookmarked.


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