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Sierra Solomon

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Name: Sierra Solomon

Race: Half-Demon

Sex: Female

Birth date / Location: March 4 1994/ Dixmont State Hospital, Pennsylvania

Position: Crime Scene Investigator to the NYPD:SCU


Sierra is played by Katharine Isabelle.



Anesthetics and Dress: Sierra's standard cloths tend toward dark jean and tasteful black tee-shirts over which at work  she wear a navy blue jumpsuit and black leather gloves, covering her skin from the  her neck down to the tips of her Lowa Tibet GTX Pro hiking boots. The most expensive single piece of cloth she owns. Closely followed only by her 1940s vintage bomber jacket.

Attitude: Sierra is openly friendly to people she knows but closes herself off from strangers. Her psychic ability's drawback has trained her to keep her distance from others and this has affected her ability to not only get close both physically but emotionally as well.

Lifestyle: Sierra rents a small studio apartment on the corner of spring street and mulberry street,  little Italy.NY. The NYPD:SCU, in no way  pays her a great deal for her services but she has gotten by with much less.


In 1993 Lisa Solomon (Sierra's mother) had been working with the Pittsburgh police department as a psychic trying to locate the latest victim of the Pittsburgh Butcher. A serial killer known for the kidnapping, rape and murder of five young girls and eight women.

During the investigation of the latest body, Lisa felt disturbed, something was different but before she could pinpoint the unusual feeling, her police escort and herself were taken by surprised by a blast of energy, knocking them all out. Lisa awoke weak from the blast and handcuffed to a pole in some dark part of the sewer.

Although Lisa could not see, she could "feel" her assailant. Its hands and fingers seemed to cut and burn with every painful touch. Lisa passed out from the pain. For weeks the unseen fiend tortured Lisa until the point when her mind snapped. Seven weeks after her disappearance her almost dead body was found still handcuffed to the pole.

She was taken to the nearest hospital where her burns and cuts were treated. After another week of being comatose, Lisa awoke screaming and fighting what seemed to be invisible attackers. After her wounds had healed she was transferred to Western Pennsylvania's Dixmont Hospital for the Insane. Where her condition worsened and the doctors found that she was two months pregnant.

In March of 1994 Sierra was born and turned over to the state for care. Lisa's life was normal until shortly after her fourteenth birthday. Her psychometry ability hit in full force nearly killing two young girls who happen to be touching  Sierra as her powers emerged. As Sierra sat in the police station waiting on the local authorities to find out what had happen. The wall behind her exploded in shards of cement as black tendrils of darkness enveloped her.

After what seemed liked hours in her ropes of darkness. Sierra felt her hands being cuffed. Sierra heard "see" and her mind forced her to watch as her psychometry power showed her the horrible kidnappings and murders of all the other women including the woman she knew to be her mother. After the visions had passed, Sierra heard the beast again." Good. You will do fine." And with that the darkness lifted, and Sierra knew she had to keep running and hide from this monster because it would be back for her.

Sierra ran for some five years. staying any place she felt safe for the night. she moved from city to city, not staying in one place to long in fear that the creature would find her. All this time, teaching herself to use her new psychometry ability. She got to the point that she started working out small cons in which to make money. she would "play" as a psychic or a medium reading dead peoples items and telling the loved ones  their secrets. For a small time she even fell in with organized crime, used her ability to open safes by reading the leftover history on the dial. Until one day , she got caught by a sting setup by LAPD:SCU "spook squad". Sierra made a deal to setup some of her shadier partners in crime. Sierra began selling her services to the LAPD's Paranormal investigations from time to time, until they offered her a full time job and the training to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Sierra spent three years  as a trainee before becoming a full member of the LA team. Four years of serving the LA team ended with a failed relationship  with a senor member of the team. She moved and took a position with the NYPD SCU.

Items: vintage bomber jacket, her mother's handcuffs, NYPD standard-issue equipment belt ( handcuff ,radio. nightstick, tazer gun and secondary clip) cheap cell phone,


 Psychometry A form of psychic reading in which Sierra can to obtain details about another through physical contact with their possessions. For the most part; the energies of strong emotions are what is known to leave a sort of "historical finger print". Leaving mental images of the events that provoke them.  i. e. If a knife is used to cut a wedding cake then used just after to cut down  the husband on the wedding night. most reading the knife would only be able to read the slaying over the wedding " However, Sierra has been gifted with the ability to "sometime" read most of or even all on the these energies even blocking out some to find  other " older" images.

Sierra's power has two powerful downfalls. She cannot turn it off ,and when anyone contact her flesh for more than a quick second, causes terrible feedback in both Sierra and the person touch her. Sierra has learned to endure the pain for a few seconds but the experiences still stuns her and can cause her to blackout. However the other person isn't so lucky. This contact if not dropped causes pain and if maintained for more than a few seconds can cause brain aneurysms and death.


Although Sierra is technically half- demon -- her father being the"Pittsburgh Butcher" -- her body tests and appears completely human. She insists her abilities come from  her mother and that she does not know her father.

The fact that the fiend known only as The Pittsburgh Butcher was never been found and has some plans for his little girl distress her to no end.

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