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2021-05-20 22:14 - Thursday - Fox and Hound

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It was late and Logan was in no mood to be working. His leg, though mostly healed, was still sore, and had it been up to him, he’d be having a drink at Slainte rather searching this dive bar for one of Balthazar’s missing associates. The recent string of murders in the city had caught the sorcerer’s attention, and from what Logan could gather, his boss thought there was a connection between the killings and a specific Grathoki demon he did business with. Problem was, this demon seemed to be laying low and avoiding Romano like the plague.

Well you can’t hide forever Logan thought, his eyes darting between the various patrons. Some of Balthazar’s other employees had given Logan a tip that the Grathoki frequented this place often enough, (Lord knew why?), which is what brought him there that night (and a few other nights earlier in the week).

Man I don’t want to waste another evening here he began to skulk when something caught his eye. Near the back of the bar, in one of the darker sections of the room, two men were drinking together. Normally, it wouldn’t seem odd, except one of them had the hood of his sweater pulled high and a scarf covered the majority of his face. Unless he’s some urban ninja, I’m betting he’s my guy. Balthazar had warned him that the demon was a low level psychic but in his excitement, Logan completely forgot to ‘mask his thoughts,’ - whatever that had meant.

As Logan stalked forward, the demon’s attention quickly turned from his companion to the man he recognized as Balthazar’s bodyguard. The demon could practically see himself in the man’s mind and he had no doubt that Romano’s pitbull was there for him.

“Fuck!” Logan cursed. The Grathoki must have picked up his thoughts and the second he noticed Logan, he had bolted towards the emergency exit only a few steps away.

Pushing past some other patrons, Logan broke into full sprint out of the bar and onto the street… it was not his brightest idea. Pain shot through his leg and he winced, biting down on his lower lip. “Why do they always run?” In tip top condition, he would have caught the demon in no time, but he was far from 100%.

“Watch where you’re going asshole!” Logan could hear someone behind him scream as he charged onwards, clipping people occasionally when they didn’t manage to get out of his way in time.

“Hey, hey! I just want to talk!” It was no use though, the demon kept running, before unexpectedly turning into some club called “Grindhouse”.

“Heh, should have kept running,” Logan huffed to himself and he pushed the doors open and dashed into the club. 

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