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2021-05-21 - Friday 07:25 - An Interesting Conversation

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The Office of Balthazar Romano

…Police still have no comment on the recent spree of murders which have overtaken New York…

“This has something to do with what happened at that party doesn’t it,” Logan asked, as Balthazar clicked the remote control to shut off the 70inch TV in his office.

“And why would you think that?” The sorcerer answered, seemingly preoccupied with something else. He kept checking his watch and glancing out his massive window at the street below.

“Call it a hunch. We both know the two guys at the Graveyard were not ‘normal’ and when it comes to the ‘abnormal’ you’ve always got your ear to the ground”.

Balthazar’s face grew cold in annoyance. “What does it matter if I know something or not. Does this crime wave concern you? Perhaps you should channel some of that interest into doing your job better,” he snapped. Logan had failed in finding the Grathoki demon, and because of it, Balthazar was no closer in finding that damn gem. Only when it was in his possession could he get control over the situation afflicting NY - and when Romano wasn’t in control, he wasn’t happy.

Logan kept quiet for a moment, not sure how to respond. His pride couldn’t stomach being patronized but with Balthazar he didn’t have much of choice. Plus, the man had a point. He had lost the demon, there was no denying that. “I told you, I’ll find him.”

Romano waved his hand dismissively, “Don’t bother. You’ve been out of step these days and it got me thinking, maybe I should just keep you to simple bodyguard work. It seems the other assignments are a bit too much for you to handle”.

The young man’s teeth grinded as he fought to keep his tongue in check. “Whatever you want, sir.”

A sudden voice from Romano’s intercom interrupted as security announced the arrival of another guest, “Sir, Tabitha is here to see you”.

“It’s time to get your head back in the game, you understand,” Romano said as he glanced at the door, making it obvious that it was time for Logan to leave.

Without another word, the bodyguard nodded. As he left the room, he passed the grizzly, old oracle. The woman made no effort to hide the disapproving look on her face as she gave Logan the once over.

What’s your problem

As Tabitha shut the door of Balthazar’s office behind her, a small voice in Logan’s mind told him to hold back. Normally, he would never have thought to spy on his boss, but the feeling in his gut was undeniable. Quiet as a mouse, he took a step back towards the door.

“This is a dangerous game to be playing Balthazar, even for you.”

“With risk comes rewards my darling. You can only win big when you bet big.”

“True, but I have a bad feeling and you know I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Logan could hear the old man laugh. “A feeling is all you have. Come now, you’re more skilled than to rely on just ‘feelings’.

“Yes, but things have always been foggy with that one. I told you from the beginning”.

“Well once we find ‘The Eye’ we wont have to worry about it will we?”

“Yes but who knows how long it will take to find? And the longer he’s cooped up, the more his nature is going to come out and the harder it’s going to be to keep the spells intact”.

What is this all about?! Logan wondered. Were they talking about him? None of it made sense. A strange sensation of dread washed over him. Soemthing told him Balthazar knew more about the murders than he let on and just what was this ‘Eye’ he wanted so much. Before he could give it more thought, the conversation in the room came to a halt.

Shit With seemingly inhuman speed, Logan dashed to the stairwell, disappearing into it before Tabitha had time to open the door to scan the hallway.

“Something amiss my dear?” Balthazar asked.

“No…everything is fine”.

Only a few steps down, Logan stumbled as he suddenly became extremely dizzy. Feel like im going to hurl…steadying himself against the railing, he took a few deep breaths to regain his composure. What had he overheard? He tried to think back but things were suddenly cloudy. “What am I doing in the stairwell?”

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