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“Stop drooling, you two,” Anne interrupted. “I don’t want to be sued because the floor is all slippery.”

Watching the two soon to be love-birds go all blushed and shy, Anne rolled her eyes. People were so predictable!  Of course, she couldn’t find fault in Cadee’s taste, Logan was hot indeed, and certainly she couldn’t fault his taste either.  Too bad she wasn’t into girls, or she would want a piece of Cadee too. *Or good you aren’t, she wouldn’t give you the time of day anyway,* she corrected herself, on a second thought.

Cadee laughed at her friend’s comment, fortunately not aware of her thoughts. “So Logan, would you like a drink? They make great martinis here-”

“You’re not the waitress tonight, Cade,” Anne interrupted.

Cadee smiled apologetically to Logan. “Don’t you have to go upstairs, Annie? Chase any tall vampire-wannabe?”

“Oh, no! This is so much better!”

“How about I get you girls a drink,” Logan laughed. It was the first time he was enjoying himself all evening.

As the three began to snake their way closer to the bar, a blood curdling scream rang out in the club, eclipsing chatter and music a like. It was one of those unbelievable moments, so strange and unexpected that it all seemed to go in slow motion. The sound of gunshots exploded into the club as a number of armed men barged in, indiscriminately taking aim.

Logan’s heart began to race, instantly sobering him as he jumped into action. “Duck!” he screamed, fiercely pulling both Cadee and Anne next to him. Bullets continued to whiz through the room, cutting down whatever was in their path. With instinct taking over, Logan turned his back to where the majority of the ruckus was coming from and did his best to cover the two women. “Just stay down” he yelled over the cacophony of screams.

Shit Logan was cursing. He had to get to Balthazar, but his heart wasn't going to let him abandon Cadee and Anne

Cadee’s first reaction was to jump into action, like Logan did, but a lifetime of going low- profile prevailed. She ducked behind the man and did her best to cover Anne herself.  She could hear the bullets and all the screaming, but from her present position, she couldn’t really see what was happening. Damn, she needed to get rid of him so she could actually do something. And she needed to take care of Anne.

“What the hell is happening?” she shouted to Logan, trying to get heard over all the noise in the room.

“I have no idea!” Logan yelled, pulling them both closer into his chest as another round of ‘BANGS’ sounded out. “You have to get behind the bar, you’ll be safer there! The room had now descended into complete and utter chaos, which, fortunately enough, gave the trio the opening they needed to make a move. “Now, go!” he screamed, trying to usher the girls to safety so he could race into the action.

Right, behind the bar. Good thinking.  Cadee nodded in consent  and grabbed Anne by her arm, thankful that for once, the girl wasn’t complaining.  They were close enough to the bar to get there without much danger, she moved swiftly and all but throw her friend over and behind the solid mahogany bar. She looked back for a moment, before jumping herself, Logan only seconds behind.

“Just stay here ok!” Logan shouted. Anne had started to sob, but Cadee was surprisingly much more composed. He looked at the blonde and then took Anne’s hand, squeezing it comfortingly. “You’re going to get out of this, I promise. Cadee, I’ve got to go help, so you have to be in charge here. Please, just stay here.”

 “And you just be careful,” Cadee said, nodding. She liked being protected, but at the moment she needed to be left alone so she could do her thing.  Feeling all princess Leia, she pulled him close and gave him a quick kiss. "For luck."



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