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23:08 An Hypnotic Encounter

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Slowly, Meredith slid from the booth, checking the way was clear before bolting for the cover of the bar. She had to get out of here, preferably before the cops arrived if she had any hope of actually getting to work tonight. More importantly she had to find Gail and make sure she was okay.



22:48 Logan and Pablo on the dance floor

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Logan’s eyes glanced back up the staircase scanning for any sign of Balthazar. If he couldn't see him then he felt reasonably sure he was safe from gunfire. So much for ‘what bad could happen?’, he swore silently, pushing his way past a group of hysteric party-goers.

Time for plan 'B'. If Logan couldn’t be by his boss’s side upstairs the only other option was to incapacitate the gunmen downstairs. Plus, the faster he could take down the psychos, the better chance Cadee and Anne had to get out of this bloodbath unscathed.

22:41 Alison and Pablo on the Balcony

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He knew she couldn't hear him over the sounds of the club. Ever closer he inched being careful to stay behind her, in her blind spot. She was leaning against one of the windows looking out over the city at night. Between the lights in the club and the angle of the glass even that wouldn't help her detect him moving ever closer to her. Tonight, Lucinda Graves was his prey. He would have her and she would not suspect him.

When he was within inches of her he leaned over her bare shoulder. He placed his lips on the warm skin of her neck.

19:24 "Waiting for the limo"

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Pablo waited in his apartment.  He had his badge and off-duty gun sitting on the coffee table in front of him and he was considering them carefully.  This was a party, there was no reason to carry the piece.  But something told him he should.  Some instinct said that in a room full of goth crazies in a bar where there had been reports of vampire bites there would be trouble.

20:43 Alison and Pablo

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Pablo downed the shot at the bar. Let's get this party started, he thought. When the bartender came back he ordered a strawberry mojito for Alison and a Hell-Firetini he'd heard someone else order. Something with cinnamon he suspected.

He glanced over his shoulder and saw ‘Lucinda’ swimming through the crowd. He had to make sure not to lose her. Again, he thought.

Soon the drinks were up and he started the juggling act that was moving through a crowd with drinks. It only took him a few minutes to cross the twenty or so feet to get to her.

21:42 Logan and Pablo in the bathroom

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Pablo slammed the door of the bathroom hard enough to make two of the men at the urinals jump. That rat bastard, he fumed, How dare he threaten the innocent people at this party in a game of my dick is bigger? I'd win, anyways.

He splashed water on a towel and wiped his face, the cool feeling on his hot face eased his nerves. He'd had a drink or two too many, he thought. He should know better than to mix work and pleasure. He was here to enjoy himself and goading Balthazar Romano didn't accomplish anything useful.

21:33 Pablo vs Balthazar

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Pablo looked into the alcove where Balthazar chatted to a pair of women.  One of them looked barely seventeen.  That old letch, Pablo thought darkly, I wonder if he’s using some sort of glamour on them.  Or a talisman.  Possibly a potion in the drinks?

21:04 Pablo and Logan on Balcony

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 “Logan, you don’t need to hover around all night,” Balthazar whispered, as he waved to yet another person he presumably knew. You had to give the man credit, he was an expert at working a room.

“Just doing my job sir.”

20:23 Alison, Pablo, Anne and Cadee

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“Pablo, there you are.” Alison found Pablo filling up his plate, juggling the platter with a glass of some concoction or other. “What are you having? I could use one, whatever it is. I didn’t think those photographers were ever going to stop asking for me to pose suggestively with Sven.” She linked her arm through his and picked an hors d’oeuvre off his dish. “I’ve hardly had a moment to talk with anyone yet.”

07:28 "Bad Times"

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Carmine woke with the sun.  He showered and got dressed.  He worked on getting his eye more-or-less normal looking and sort of arranged the pieces of his skull that were poking out back into place.  He packed a bag with two extra changes of clothes.  He had been through a lot of clothes the last few days.  Momma would be mad he'd lost one bag already.

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