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Character:Anne Millet

2021-05-25 06:15 - Tuesday

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The ride to the motel was eerily silent, punctuated mainly by the occassional grunt of pain when they hit a bump in the road. Eventually, light conversation made its way in after the initial shock after her jumping passed, directing them to the glove box for the envelope full of money. Naturally, Jasmin just kind of shrugged when they asked why she had a fairly large quantity of cash in her glove box.

2021-05-25 05:10 - Tuesday "A flying vampire"

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Jasmin paced back and forth on the terrace, her gaze turning East, always East. The rage had threatened to overwhelm her when the first calls went to voice mail. She'd kept dialing however, and eventually, in desperation, turned to dialing Anne's number. That finally produced someone answering their phone, and her pleading with the young woman to come at once. For her plan to work, Jasmin knew she'd need someone to help her get somewhere safe once she got off the roof.

2021-05-17 10:25 "Confronting a Vampire"

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Jasmin's Apartment - 151 Wooster

Anne stopped in front of the double doors of Jasmin Taylor’s elegant department building, doubting. As usual, her manager had appointed her for the woman’s runs, but for the first time, Anne wasn’t thrilled.

23:45 Newspaper clippings research

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Sunday, 23:45


“Tell me, does this look familiar to you?” Cadee asked her roommate, handing her an old newspaper clipping over the sofa where she had been lying.

22:46 Logan and Cadee again

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“Stop drooling, you two,” Anne interrupted. “I don’t want to be sued because the floor is all slippery.”

20:20 Cadee Anne intro

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As she practically danced her way up the stairs to the upper level of the Graveyard Club,  Anne was sure she could understand what Charlie had felt at the gates of the chocolate factory.  She turned around and prompted her companion, a much more composed Cadee.

“Come on, come on, come on, brighten up! It’s vampires’ night. My kind!”

20:23 Alison, Pablo, Anne and Cadee

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“Pablo, there you are.” Alison found Pablo filling up his plate, juggling the platter with a glass of some concoction or other. “What are you having? I could use one, whatever it is. I didn’t think those photographers were ever going to stop asking for me to pose suggestively with Sven.” She linked her arm through his and picked an hors d’oeuvre off his dish. “I’ve hardly had a moment to talk with anyone yet.”

07:10 "Cadee's revelations"

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Friday, 07:10

“Good morning, my dear.” Anne entered the kitchen, with her usual impetuous quality. “I reckon you promised me Mexican,” she said, rubbing her hands. “A morning that starts with Mexican food can only lead to good things.”

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