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Character:Meredith Bell

2021-05-21 12:39 - Friday "Cadee's Warning"

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*Just how the hell do you tell somebody she’s been bitten by a werewolf?* Cadee asked herself for the thousandth time that week, after she had made up her mind about the matter.

2021-05-21 12:10 - Friday "Some juicy news"

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Meredith bounced lightly from foot to foot, stretching her hamstrings while occasionally glancing at her watch. Cadee had paged her last night and they’d arranged to meet up at Central Park for lunch. Meredith had a free period before her next lecture and she’d planned a short run anyway, so it all worked out very well. Cadee hadn’t gone into detail about what info she had, but if she wanted to meet away from The Slainte, it had to be something pretty juicy. Right?

2021-05-20 22:21 - Thursday - Inside The Grindhouse

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I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like,
Making good conversation.
I gotta handle you just right,
You know what I mean.
I took you to an intimate restaurant,
Then to a suggestive movie.
There's nothing left to talk about,
Unless it's horizontally…

23:08 An Hypnotic Encounter

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Slowly, Meredith slid from the booth, checking the way was clear before bolting for the cover of the bar. She had to get out of here, preferably before the cops arrived if she had any hope of actually getting to work tonight. More importantly she had to find Gail and make sure she was okay.



22:50 Meredith Eavesdrops on Balthazar

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The gunfire woke up Meredith with a start. After the initial excitement at meeting Lucinda Graves, she’d felt the effect of too many martini’s, not to mention devouring her own body weight in free shrimp cocktail, take hold. Meredith had managed to steal herself a secluded corner seat in one of the booths to shut her eyes for five minutes. Of course she must have fallen asleep, because the next thing she knew the music had stopped and terrified screams filled the club alongside the relentless explosion of gunfire.

21:44 Meredith and Cadee

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“When will I learn not to count on lil’orphan Annie to stay put?” Cadee asked to herself while she once again scanned the room for her friend, seeing no sign of her. She had left her at the bar about fifteen minutes earlier, while she went to the restrooms, with the firm promise to wait there.

20:53 Evalyn and Meredith

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I can not believe you followed me.

I was not staying at 'ome again.

Well you can't come inside! No cats allowed.

Zat's fine! I am sure I could find some action in zeh alley.

You do zat. Just do not bring any fleas 'ome!

Sometimes that man could be nothing but infuriating! Still, Evalyn couldn't quite blame him – it was tough being stuck in only one form, but it was easier to acquire general items of pleasure when you were in human form.

22:17 Meredith and Alison

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This party was gonna be a total blow out, Meredith could just tell. After Cadee had excused herself and Meredith had knocked back her fifth free martini of the night, she’d not even had so much as a glimpse of the infamous author. Yeah, total bust. Gail was gonna have to do better than pizza, beer and a movie. Maybe a steak dinner, and margaritas, lots of margaritas, and a double feature.

21:35 Logan and Meredith

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Tonight was turning out to be just too weird. First the reporter, then the cop...It was like the fates were playing a trick on him. *I need a drink.* As he finished pushing his way through the crowd, Logan's face dropped. *You’ve got to be kidding me.* Standing there, with a drink in hand, was the girl from the park, *The Harpee*, he cringed.

20:04 Meredith Intro

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“Oh pleeeeeeeeease, please, please! Pretty please with sugar on top!”

Meredith folded her arms across her chest. She felt dumb for letting Gail talk her into getting dressed up and coming out tonight. They both had to work later, so they’d dropped by the Grindhouse and ‘borrowed’ a couple of their less revealing outfits. They were supposed to be going to a hot new club that had just opened, but Gail had wanted to drop into The Graveyard for a couple of drinks first.

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