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"Wake up, Carmine!  You gotta wake up!" Magda was frantic.  She could hear her Momma downstairs in the kitchen. 

Carmine laid there like he was dead.  He wasn't dead because he was breathing. Magda thanked Jesus that he didn't snore.  Her Momma called her again for dinner.  She wrote a quick note and put it with his clothes which she left on her desk chair.  She quickly cleaned herself and looked in the mirror.

She didn't look any different.  She felt sore and stupid for giving Carmine what he wanted.  The gemstone sparkled on her dresser and she smiled.  He said he'd marry her.  She loved him more than anything.  He wasn't very bright, but he was hers.

She ran downstairs to her mother and dinner.

2021-05-11 22:39 - Tuesday

"Jesus Christ!"

Carmine was awake now.  The sound was like the second coming with banging and screams and the sounds of a fight.

"Mamma, I love him!  He's going to marry me!"

You WHORE!  You SLUT You gave yourself to that MORON!  He's in a gang for Christ's sake!  You could have gone to college and been a doctor or a lawyer.  Instead you will end up in the street begging for money to feed your God-damned crack babies!"

Carmine figured he'd better not be here when she got around to him.

He pulled on his boxers and had his pants about half-way on when Magda tried to escape into her room.  Her momma was hot on her heels.  "YOU!" she said with as much acid as Carmine had ever heard.

Magda's Mom had a frying pan in one hand and a pair of bloody panties in the other.  Magda only had on a t-shirt and she had several bruises on her arms and back.  Magda cowered behind Carmine.

Carmine's Mom hefted the pan as she spoke slowly with a voice raw from screaming, "Carmine Bocelli, you ruined my baby girl.  You did something which cannot be undone.  You have destroyed her life and I promised that if you did that you would die."

Tears rolled down her momma's face and Magda just whimpered "Momma, Mamma, he loves me Momma" behind him.  Carmine  wasn't sure if he wanted to fight Magda's mom.  He figured that she'd try to come at him with the frying pan so he braced for her to charge. 

But she didn't charge.  In a move faster than he could follow she hurled the pan.  The old wooden handle slid off the pan and the tang rotated 180 degrees and buried itself in Carmine's right eye.  He dropped with a slump.  Magdalena's mother calmly pulled the pan free and pounded his head several more times in a rage until the blood splatters had covered nearly every spot of pink around the room. 

Then she started pounding on her daughter.

Later, she took 30 of her prescription painkillers and drank the last of the wine in the fridge.

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