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2021-05-11 22:25

The Ducati’s engine purred to a stop a few blocks away from Slainté. Déjà Vue Logan thought to himself as he kicked up the stand and headed to the doorway. He had been there the night before, but Angus wasn’t, which made delivering Balthazar’s message impossible. The night hadn’t been an entire bust though. He did manage to look like a champ in front of the hot bartender.

He pushed open the door and was welcomed by a cacophony of music, and chatter. Man, this place is busy even on a Tuesday Logan thought, impressed. He lingered at the entrance for a moment, his eyes scanning the room. Sure enough, this time, behind the bar stood a giant of man, with the token red hair. Definitely can’t miss him.

Logan hesitated a second longer, this time looking for someone completely different. A smile crossed his face when he saw Cadee at the other end of the room. He debated going to say hi, but the girl looked to be engrossed in conversation. At least the guy didn't look like a creep this time.

Figuring he could catch her on the way out, Logan once again pulled up a stool at the bar.

"What can I do you for?" Angus' booming voice rang out over the chatter of the crowd.

"Actually, I've got something for you, Angus right?"

"Yes". The barkeeps demeanor changed. A second ago, the big man was warm and jovial but now suspicion crept into his eyes.

"My name's Logan, I work for Balthazar," the young man said, as he reached into his pocket and retrieved the envelop. "He asked me to give you this."

Angus' took the envelop but made no move to open it. "What's this about?"

"No clue. He didn't tell and I didn't ask".

The barkeep was still dubious about the note and the man. Balthazar's reputation was gray at best and up to now, Angus had done a good job avoiding anything to do with him. "Jenna," Angus called, motioning for one of the waitresses to take his place momentarily behind the bar. "You sure this comes from Balthazar?"

"From his hands to mine." As Logan waited for the man to get on with opening the damned thing, he stole a glance back at Cadee. The timing was right and she looked up also, noticing him as well. 'Hi' Logan mouthed, as he flashed a smile.

Finally, Angus' large hands tore open the package and he peeked inside. His stone cold poker face never faltered as he withdrew a small note and read it quietly to himself.

The young man was getting impatient."Anything you want me to tell Balthazar"?

Angus seemed to be contemplating whatever it was Balthazar had written. "Hmmm," he rubbed his beard, still thinking. "Come back next week alright?"

"Come back next week and what?" Logan replied a bit annoyed. He knew what Balthazar was like and if he didn't come back with more info than that, his boss would be taking it out on him.

"You tell him I'll have an answer for him next week". Angus' tone was equally cold.

Logan sighed; something told him it was going to be a long night. "Alright, cool, next week." He didn't bother ordering a drink, instead he looked back to see if Cadee was free. Damn, the guy is going to talk her ear off. Figuring he wasn't going to catch a break, Logan didn't bother waiting around. Gotta come back anyways...

The door barely had time to swing shut behind him before three men followed Logan out. What he hadn't realized is that these men had trailed him into the bar minutes earlier...

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