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Carmine waited at the bus-stop for Magdalena.  She had school but he liked to wait for her and give her things like Danishes from the corner bakery.  Mr Hooper from the baker sometimes gave Carmine the biggest Danish cause he was a big boy.  Magdalena wasn't a big boy cause she was only fifteen and not a boy but she liked the big Danishes, too.

Carmine spotted her coming this way with her bookbag.  Carmine stood up and smiled at her and waved and she waved back.  She jumped up to kiss Carmine on the cheek like she always did.  "I brought you something, Magda.  It's a...ruby," he fibbed a little because he couldn't remember what it was really called.  He figured it wouldn't be so bad.

He pulled out the tiny red dot and started to hand it to her tiny hand with his thick fingers.  As it moved closer to her hand it seemed that time slowed down.  The street got blurry and Carmine could feel the breeze slow down and the sound of the city fade into a distant echo.

A loud voice boomed in his ears, "Carmine Bocelli, that girl will never love you.  She is using you as long as you give her things, but the instant you stop she will leave you for someone smarter and more successful.  You are a stupid loser that she could never love."

"Nuh-uh!" Carmine said. 

He was a little confused about why he could talk but not move, but since he started working for Mr. Balthazar things had been a like that more and more frequently.  Mr. B. said that sometimes asking "why" or "how" was a way to show people your ignorance.  Truly intelligent men just allowed things to happen and looked up the answers later.

"Carmine Bocelli, you cannot lie to me.  I know your heart and I know your soul.  If you promise me your soul then I will see that the girl will love you for the rest of both of your lives.  I will promise that she will lay with you as woman lays with a man.  I will promise that your every dream for the two of you will come true."

Carmine wondered if the voice was Jesus, but he figured that was one of those questions that an ignorant men asks so he let it slide.  His only dream for Magdalena was to sleep with her.  He had been waiting until she was a older since her Mama said he was way to old for her.  His Mama said she was way to young for him which he saw as different but he couldn't figure out how.  Magdalena said that as soon as she was sixteen that it was okay under the law.  She was smart so he figured she was right. 

"If I give you my soul will it hurt?" This was the kind of question that Mr. B. usually allowed.  Making sure of things was a good thing.  That way you didn't become a fuck-up like Milo who had been told to get the ugly dog from the docks but not to sit on the cage.  He sat on the cage and got his ass bit up and so Mr. B called him a fuck-up every time he saw him.

"No, Carmine Bocelli, it will not hurt.  All you will feel is the bliss of knowing your woman will love you for the rest of your lives."

"Okay, then."

And just as suddenly it was over.  The red dot was in Magdalena's hand.  It seemed shiner and a little bigger too.  She held it up to the light and peered through it then squealed with delight. "God, Carmine, it is amazing!  I can't wait to show it to everyone!  Tonight.  Tonight, Carmine.  Mama's got choir practice and I'll be home alone.  Come over tonight and I can show you how much I love you!"

"Tonight," Carmine confirmed, "I'll be there.  I love you too!"


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