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22:31 "Evie and Jasmin in the Graveyard"

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2021-05-11 22:31 – Tuesday
The Graveyard

She was coming down from her earlier, 4:20 high with Yves when Evalyn decided it was time to head out and hit the night scene.

Dressing was a serious business no matter what the occasion. As Yves lay languidly on the bed, he watched lazily, head wavering on the edge of a nap as his half naked girlfriend slowly pieced her outfit together. Occasionally Evalyn would hold up a dress or two for his judgment, “Noire ou rouge?” but it never mattered what he said. She always knew what she was going to wear – at least that's what Yves figured, concluding the rest was just her ensuring she took the stereotypical time expected of a woman to infuriate her man. He wasn't going anywhere tonight, however, and was able to enjoy the show as she wriggled into her outfit.

As Evalyn finally made her way down 42nd Street, she was wearing a classic, slinky little black dress that flattered her form, 3 inch black stilettos with diamante straps wrapped about her delicate ankles, a well cut beige trench coat that fanned out below its tie cinched at her waist as she walked, a loose knit black beret that sat just back off her fringe line, and a sparkling new choker encircling her throat.

She approached the Graveyard entrance, skipping the line roped off in red velvet, and nodded in acknowledgment to the bouncer, Jake, on duty as she made her way inside.

Evalyn noticed a lot of regulars as she swanned her way through the early crowds, but kept to herself, not pausing for any hellos. She didn't have any planned business today and just made her way to, and up, the nearby stairs to the second level. It was simply another night for casual drinks by the bar and seeing what she could glean off the evening.

The bartender, an attractive man she'd spent many a pleasurable hour with in the past, smiled as he saw her approach. “Mademoiselle Evalyn, will it be your usual then?”

Evalyn's smile was small and chiding as she unhurriedly removed her coat and shook her head. “I 'ave told you before, Sebastian. It is 'Madame', not 'Mademoiselle'.” His smile didn't waver at her lecturing words. Evalyn draped her coat on the back of her chair and took the seat as she continued, smile contorting in a more sinister manner, “If you do not start addressing me appropriately, I will 'ave to become more firm wiz you!”

“It'd be my pleasure,” his smile deepened, but he added “Madame” anyway, according to her request, and received a more generous smile in return. “So what will it be?”

“Surprise me.” Evalyn waved a hand at him, “I am not in the mood to make any more decisions tonight.”

Sebastian bowed his head in acquiesce and stepped away to go about his task.

Evalyn sighed and turned her attention to the surrounding scene, shifting around in her seat so her back was to the bar. She let her smile slip as she allowed herself to drift alone with her thoughts.

Jasmin moved through the crowd tonight with her deft and practiced path, stopping to speak with patrons on occasion. It was good to put in a personal appearance sometimes, she knew, tonight in one of her longer red dresses and corset. As she moved about and stopped, she gave a glance to the bar, catching the familiar face there, and smiled to herself.

Moving behind Evalyn silently, she tapped her on the shoulder, not even giving her a chance to respond when she turned around. Kissing her quickly on both sides of the cheek, her lips as chilly as the room, “Evalyn, good to see you again,” she spoke softly, remembering the times they'd met before. “Thank you so much for that book you found me – it has been a very interesting read, indeed. How are you doing this evening?”

“Jasmin!” Evanlyn's surprise lasted momentarily, and she rose, smiling, to give her friend a warm hug to contrast the kisses, then parted to lightly plant two of her own. “As well as can be. I am glad you enjoyed the book!” Her eyes went distant then and her smile sly as she recalled what she'd done to acquire it. Sometimes stuffy old professors were quite fun. Yves didn't quite share her opinion, but she knew how he enjoyed the company of his “cat-sitter” regularly enough that he couldn't argue.

She tuned her attention back to Jasmin then, “And yourself? You are looking gorgeous as usual.”

“Much better now that I have someone very easy to look at seated in front of me.” She gave a slight smile as the banter went on. Evalyn bore the distinction of being one of the people who she actually, genuinely enjoyed her company. “A bit busy lately. Seriously starting to consider putting out an ad to hire a personal assistant. Business or pleasure tonight?”

“Pleasure, unless interesting business presents itself,” she sighed. Evalyn doubted the business she wanted would, but she'd wait as long as she needed.

Just then, Sebastian returned with her drink, “Here you are Madame,” he pronounced as he set the chilled martini glass on the bar containing a ghostly white substance.

“Oh!” Evalyn exclaimed with pleasure as she reached gracefully for the drink, settling her fingertips curiously at the base of the stem. “What is it?”

Sebastian's teeth sparkled as he grinned ear to ear at the obvious delight in Evalyn's eyes and lowered his voice, “It's a White Spider. Very popular with London-based fashion journalists.” He said, eying her appreciatively for one more lingering moment before turning that winning smile to his employer.

“Would you like anys'ing yourself, Mademoiselle?” Evalyn asked Jasmin as she admired the bartender over her glass and slid it toward herself. He was so genuinely eager to please, perhaps she could convince Jasmin to give him to her. She chuckled softly to herself at the images in her mind.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?


Mademoiselle. The address hung there. It always pleased her to hear the other woman call her that. It made her feel young again, and not at all as though she had watched the world change over the course of three generations thus far. The fact that she was still single just made it even easier to accept. “My dear, if I did not know any better, I would think that you wanted to take advantage of me.”

With a quick, dismissive hand to the bartender, she moved to steady herself with a hand on the bar. Why did she love surprises? If anything, after so long, she came to value routine and consistency. “Would you like to go somewhere more private to talk?”

“M-but of course!” Evalyn exclaimed, gently rising from her seat and lifting her coat off the back.

“Would you be a gentleman and take care of my apparel?” She turned to ask Sebastian. He grinned and, naturally, walked readily around the bar to take her coat with a gracious bow. Evalyn chuckled again. Yes, she'd definitely have to ask Jasmin if she could have an early birthday present. As he rose, she honeyed her tone, “Merci, Monsieur,” and blew him a kiss from her fingers now freed of the coat.

Picking up her White Spider, Evalyn turned back to Jasmin with a conspiratorial smile. “Once again, I must admit, you do employ ze finest specimens.”

Jasmin chuckled a bit, leading her across the floor, holding open the door to her office. The interior was designed in a Victorian manner, with mahogany furniture throughout; immediately behind her desk, with computer sat on it, in the center of the wall hung a Chinese broadsword. One wall held her liquor cabinet, with personal stock; while another was a bookcase with several of her own books in there, dominated by binders. Two posh chairs sat in front of the desk, with another behind. Jasmin took one of the seats in front of the desk as they came in, crossing one leg over the other.
“Always charming,” she said as Evalyn shut the door behind her. “And looking for business. With my evil self, I hope?”

“Always anys'ing for you, ma chère.” Evalyn answered with a warm smile as she let her gaze wonder over Jasmin's office. It lingered on the Orb of Thessala, as it always did. That particular acquisition of Jasmin's always amused her no end, and had she the mind, she'd inform her friend of what she possessed. But she never did. Would be too much of a good joke spoiled.

Smile deepening, her gaze continued until it fell on the Chinese broadsword where she paused a moment to appraise it.

Evalyn was trying to guess the age of the old artifact as she drew up the chair opposite her friend and settled back with a satisfied sigh, crossing her legs. “Is zat new?” She asked once comfortable, gesturing absently towards the sword with her drink before taking a sip.

What was so fascinating about her paperweight, Jasmin wondered? She wasn't about to ask; knowing her, it was just the other woman admiring pretty things, as she always did. “Yes, actually. Worked my way up to that and Snake. Get to do the exam at the start of next month to see if Sifu will pass me.” And it only took her most of the time practicing to advance that far.

“Félicitations!” Evalyn said raising her glass to her friend, then chuckled, “And 'ere I was for a second s'inking you 'ad cheated on me wiz anozzer.” She winked, then glanced curiously back at the sword, “Myself, I 'ave no idea 'ow to use a sword. Je préfère mes couteaux.” She grinned and, in her free hand that had been casually resting in her lap, a knife suddenly flashed into existence, throwing the light of Jasmin's desk lamp in all directions as it spun effortlessly in Evalyn's fingers. Then as quick as that it was gone again.

“Believe me, Evalyn, my dear – should I ever meet someone that I can love from the evilness of my heart, you will be the first to be introduced to her.” She folded her hands lightly, looking over to her. It was the nice thing of her being one of the few to know what she was. She could be more herself. “Anything I can help you with business wise?”

Evalyn cocked her head in thought, her foot bouncing lightly in the air, “Ozzer zan ze usual – a lead on zat murder back at the Standard in LA...?” she paused, letting her words trail off as she glanced back at Jasmin. She saw what passed for an apologetic look briefly cross the vampire's face and suppressed a sigh. She hadn't expected any news of the kind. It seemed less and less likely that she ever would get it! But still, she had to ask. If anyone could catch word, it'd be Jasmin.

“Zen no,” she resumed her smile, “I am just enjoying a night out wiz a beautiful friend.” Evalyn said and took a sip from her drink, allowing her bouncing foot to slow and lightly brush Jasmin's leg. “Iz zere anys'ing I can do for you, per'aps? Business wise, of course.” She grinned, lowering her glass.

“Not unless you can recommend a good personal assistant for me,” she answered evenly, eyes dropping to her foot for a moment. The flirting was always enjoyable, leading her to only conclude that Evalyn was a very strange woman indeed. “Otherwise? Just the company of a friend will be nice. Keep me from getting bored.”

“Alors, I do not know about a good personal assistant, but I s'ink I can 'elp wiz ze bordom,” Evalyn said and rose from her chair to place her drink on Jasmin's desk, ensuring there was a coaster beneath it before she set it down on the rich mahogony surface. “I brought some exquisite 'erbs wiz me,” She turned a sly smile back to Jasmin, “Can I fix you a Bloody Mary?” Without waiting for an answer she manouvered her way around the chair and made her way to Jasmin's liquor cabinet. “Where do you keep your finest stock?”

“The fridge a little to your left,” Evalyn twisted around to see where Jasmin was pointing at one of the paneled doors.

“Ah,” Evalyn exclaimed and bent forward from the waist to open the door and retrieve the vital ingredients. She then proceeded to make Jasmin's drink, sprinkling the tiniest bit of her special herbs into the mix and making sure it was thoroughly blended in. The stuff was of a pretty potent strain and she didn't want her friend to catch it all in one unfortunate hit. Although, she admitted to herself, it wouldn't be the end of the world and might prove quite amusing.

With the final flourish of a celery stick added, Evalyn carried the drink back to her friend, hips swaying as she walked, “Bon appétit!”

Jasmin's eyes fixed on her momentarily, raising the drink in a mock salute. “You are, as always, a charmer. Reminds me of the wrap party for King Arthur, except without the car crash.” She lifted the blood drink and tried it, closing her eyes and starting to feel very, very relaxed. “Is this what feeling high is like?”

Evalyn chuckled at the naivety of her friend as she picked up her own glass again. It was hard to imagine that, being as old as she was and having all she'd experienced in life and afterlife, she'd never experienced such a small and simple thing as a little weed. “Give it a bit longer, zen you'll see. It is a bit more powerful consumed straight up, but I 'ardly s'ink in'aling it will work so well for you.”

She watched a little longer, curiosity pulling the corner of her lips into a slightly warped smile to see how it'd effect her vampire friend. Initially she was unsure if it'd work at all, but as Jasmin started to slip a little further into her chair with a different kind of smile slowly spreading on her face, Evalyn grinned a little deeper. “Careful, or I s'ink you might be on ze floor soon,” She chuckled as Jasmin giggled in response. Yes, it'd appear the mixed drink was quite effective.

Suddenly Evalyn wished she could have her pipe in hand so she could join, but settled for her drink instead which was exceedingly good and quite powerful in its own right! Sebastian must have put something extra of his own in to spice it up a bit. Evalyn took another long draft, near finishing the remainder of its contents.

Jasmin looked at her evenly and had noticed the look of consternation that had passed across Evalyn's face before she'd eagerly downed her cocktail. “No smoking in here, dear. We can't cover that up here. Have to use the terrace of the apartment. She drank down some more of her bloody mary, and then made a quick decision. Last night's `me time` got ruined. She wound up working all night and having a hell day. Tonight would be better. “Do you want to actually see my apartment?”

Evalyn's head perked up. Check out Jasmin's apartment? Could be fun. She'd never seen where the vampire actually lived. She'd often wondered in the past if Jasmin had a pimped out crypt somewhere like other vampires she'd heard of. “Where do you live?” She asked.

“I have a penthouse apartment in Soho.”

Evalyn raised her eyebrows and suddenly wondered why she should be so shocked. Jasmin did, after all, appreciate the finer things in life nearly as much as Evalyn.

Her decision was made, and raising her glass to the rest of the night, she toasted. “Sounds delightful!”


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