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“How do I look?”

Anne Millet parted her eyes from the TV screen where an old vampire’s movie was showing, and distractedly inspected her roommate. Half a second later she pushed the ‘pause’ button on the DVD player and looked again.

“Have you decided to change careers?” She asked, appraising a scantly clothed Cadee with narrowed eyes. She had just returned from work, but it wasn’t unusual that she left again.

“Don’t be daft! Do I look like a hooker or not?”

“Sure you do… let me guess, you want to better your tips at the bar?” She suppressed a giggle when her friend rolled her eyes.

“Annie, I swear I don’t know how I bear with you.”  Cadee said in an exasperated tone, and opened her arms in a prompting gesture, so her roommate took her seriously.

“‘Cause you love me,” Anne stood up. She walked round her friend, watching her with her actress’ eye and nodded in approval.  Cadee’s blond hair was piled in a waterfall of curls at the top of her head, and she was wearing too much make up. The small red top showed too much of her bosom and the leather mini skirt wasn’t much better. She looked at Cadee’s kilometer long legs, clothed in fishnet stockings and frowned. “Are you sure you can run in those stilettos?

Cadee shrugged. “Somehow sneakers didn’t seem to fit.”

“You bet. You look fine; just don’t bring any clients home.” Anne giggled, but stopped at Cadee’s warning glance. Sobering up, she added, “I don’t suppose you’re gonna tell me what’s it about, do you?”

“Seems a vampire’s terrorizing the hookers around West Side Highway,” Cadee answered, giving her hair a final pat. She winked at Anne. “I overhead the cops at the bar.”

“Figures.” Anne knew Cadee usually ‘overheard’ the SCU cops frequenting the Slàinte. Poor people, they thought it safe to speak their business in a bar full of music, laughter and talking, but they didn’t count on Cadee having radar ears. Or she knowing of the supernatural. Or she ‘being’ part supernatural herself.  “And why don’t you let them handle the matter?”

“Need the rush." Cadee shrugged. "It's late, but I want to take a look, at least.”

“Girl, you so need to get laid,” Anne said, and Cadee laughed, but she sobered up when she remembered gallant-guy. She hoped he actually returned. She was going to mention him to her friend, when Anne spoke again. 

 “Just be careful, ok?” She was used to her friend ‘escapades’ at night, but usually she looked all Xena like and not Hollywood Blvd. 

“When haven’t I?” the blonde answered, smiling beatifically to her friend. 

“Now, I distinctively remember one time you got home with a bullet in your shoulder, and there was that time you burnt half of your hair. Ah, and don’t forget the time I had to take that nasty looking stick off your leg…”

Cadee laughed. “Trifles; and it was a stake.”

She took her leather jacket, heavy with hidden weaponry, and put it on while walking to the door.

“Well, at least you’re taking the Jacket.” Anne frowned, her actress gene showing up, “doesn’t go better with that outfit than sneakers, though…”

“Doesn’t matter. I may want to look like a whore, but I’m surely not stupid,” Cadee winked at Anne and left the apartment.

“Sometimes I wonder,” the girl said to the closing door. She sighed and concentrated on her movie again.

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