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Character:Carmine Bocelli

07:28 "Bad Times"

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Carmine woke with the sun.  He showered and got dressed.  He worked on getting his eye more-or-less normal looking and sort of arranged the pieces of his skull that were poking out back into place.  He packed a bag with two extra changes of clothes.  He had been through a lot of clothes the last few days.  Momma would be mad he'd lost one bag already.

20:50 "Mamma's not here"

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Carmine saw the police tape first. Then he saw the broken door and the spray-painted walls.  He walked slowly through the living-room and looked at all of the little glass puppies that he'd bought his Momma at the flea-market over the years now lying broken and looking with sad brown eyes in all different directions.

18:18 "A way with the ladies"

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Carmine felt like throwing up but he didn't have anything to throw up in his stomach.  He had not eaten anything for about two days.  He wanted to tell Mr. B about Tony and how Tony had tried to kill him, but he wasn't sure what he'd say.  "I'm sorry I killed Tony, Mr. B.," didn't seem to be sufficient.

Carmine Bocelli

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Character Name:  Carmine Bocelli
Race: Human/Revenant
Sex: Male
Birthdate / Location:  January 1st, 2000 - New York, NY
Group Affiliation: Balthazar Romano
Position:  Flunky, Dogsbody, Courier

Description: Carmine is played by Robert Hesse

19:40 "Unexpected Trips"

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"Tony, I appreciate you giving me a lift back to the house."

"Sure thing, Carmine, just grab a few things though, We have to put you in a safe-house until this blows over, okay?"

"Yeah, I understand, Tony, I'm just gonna tell Mama that I'll be away for a few days, otherwise she'll worry."

"You do that, Carmine."  That will delay the search for a few days longer at least.

05:41 "Sunrise"

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Carmine wasn't sure where he was or how he got here. It was dark.  He felt numb, like he did when he went to the dentist, but all over.  He heard distant sounds that sounded like wind but occasionally it sounded like words.  He could hear God, and Jesus, and Help. But it was hard to focus on individual voices there were so many.  Or maybe it was just wind.

20:04 "Carmine's final act"

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"Wake up, Carmine!  You gotta wake up!" Magda was frantic.  She could hear her Momma downstairs in the kitchen. 

Carmine laid there like he was dead.  He wasn't dead because he was breathing. Magda thanked Jesus that he didn't snore.  Her Momma called her again for dinner.  She wrote a quick note and put it with his clothes which she left on her desk chair.  She quickly cleaned herself and looked in the mirror.

16:30 "Love Scene"

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Magda practically jumped off of the bus and into Carmine's arms. Carmine could tell all the other girls thought that Magda was pretty cool since she had an older boyfriend.  Especially one like Carmine who gave her nice things and who had an important job like working for Mr. Balthazar.

07:21 "Carmine and Magda"

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Carmine waited at the bus-stop for Magdalena.  She had school but he liked to wait for her and give her things like Danishes from the corner bakery.  Mr Hooper from the baker sometimes gave Carmine the biggest Danish cause he was a big boy.  Magdalena wasn't a big boy cause she was only fifteen and not a boy but she liked the big Danishes, too.

15:30 "Carmine"

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Carmine looked down at his shoes and checked that they were tied.  Momma always said that you had to make sure your shoes were tied else you would trip and break your neck.  He was standing next to the mailbox ‘cause nobody used the mailboxes no more on account they had email now. Carmine had email and he liked to send jokes and funny pictures to his friends.  Some of them got angry so he didn’t send them pictures no more, but they still made him laugh.

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