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Location:Cadee's apartment

2021-05-26 21:40 - Wednesday – Afterwards

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Cadee was furious. Furious with herself for her callousness and with Logan for his suspicions and distrust. How could he believe she was in league with Romano? That she knew about subterrestrials didn’t automatically make her Romano’s spy. Besides, he had come to her, hadn’t him? That night at the Slainté.  Damn, damn, damn.

23:45 Newspaper clippings research

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Sunday, 23:45


“Tell me, does this look familiar to you?” Cadee asked her roommate, handing her an old newspaper clipping over the sofa where she had been lying.

07:10 "Cadee's revelations"

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Friday, 07:10

“Good morning, my dear.” Anne entered the kitchen, with her usual impetuous quality. “I reckon you promised me Mexican,” she said, rubbing her hands. “A morning that starts with Mexican food can only lead to good things.”

04:15 "Cadee and Anne"

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“How do I look?”

Anne Millet parted her eyes from the TV screen where an old vampire’s movie was showing, and distractedly inspected her roommate. Half a second later she pushed the ‘pause’ button on the DVD player and looked again.

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