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22:50 "After Hours"

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Slàinte Pub

Alison turned to face Pablo, who came up beside her as Cadee left to return to her work. She smiled at him abashedly and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to abuse my position now. This isn’t my usual thing anymore, but there’s a story out there.”

Pablo's brow knitted. He had sort of forgotten this aspect of her personality. The newshound. Keeping the secrets of the SCU right after he was recruited to the unit had contributed to them drifting apart.

22:38 "The date, proper"

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2021-05-11 22:38 - Tuesday

The booth Sandoval left him in was plush and comfortable, allowing Logan a second of respite before he noticed the commotion that was growing in the bar. Ah, crap. The frightening sound of gunfire had caused half the patrons to flee the area, while those who stayed were now gawking and glaring like they were on the set of some Hollywood action film. The cops were scrambling to defuse the situation, offering up bogus explanations to anyone who may have caught a glimpse of the Kaoshians.

22:26 "Helping a Stranger"

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2021-05-11 22:26 – Tuesday
Slàinte Pub

Sandoval entered the pub and instantly relaxed. Being here was a relief.  He was hours later at work than he wanted to be and he was no closer to catching his werewolf than he had been the day before.  He was hoping to meet Alison here later, but all he wanted now was a cold ale and maybe some jalapeno poppers.

He stepped up to the bar and waited his turn.  Angus slid up and gave him a sympathetic smile. “Long day?”

18:40 "Meredith meets Cadee at Slainte"

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Slainte Bar - Tuesday 6:40pm

She was doodling. That was never a good sign.

22:25 "Ambush!"

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2021-05-11 22:25

The Ducati’s engine purred to a stop a few blocks away from Slainté. Déjà Vue Logan thought to himself as he kicked up the stand and headed to the doorway. He had been there the night before, but Angus wasn’t, which made delivering Balthazar’s message impossible. The night hadn’t been an entire bust though. He did manage to look like a champ in front of the hot bartender.

23:24 "NYPD Special Crimes Unit"

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Pablo's mind was elsewhere as he passed Slainté on the way to the office.  He took a few steps past the door and stopped.  He turned and walked back to the bar.  Just one beer before closing out he day.  He had one foot into the door when his shoulder collided with a muscular young man in riding leathers headed out.

"Sorry buddy," Sandoval murmured. 

The man ignored him and straddled a Ducati that was parked on the street and pulled out into traffic.

23:15 "Slàinte"

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Slàinte Bar

270 Centre St New York, NY 10013

The music was too loud, the people were too crazy, the lights were too bright, and her temples pounded too hard. Cadee usually liked her job and she loved the Slàinte, but tonight wasn’t the best of nights. *And it’s just Monday,* she told to herself, still two days to go till her free night.

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