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Character:Niall Tiergnan

23:45 Newspaper clippings research

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Sunday, 23:45


“Tell me, does this look familiar to you?” Cadee asked her roommate, handing her an old newspaper clipping over the sofa where she had been lying.

22:37 Attack in the Alley

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Ricky Chiang stood five feet away from Chiedra, talking to two young women dressed nearly identically in red pleather miniskirts paired with red and black pleather corsets.  The girls were both short, but teetered on spiked heels.  Ricky had one hand on the bare shoulder of the brunette of the pair, and he was leaning over towards the blonde, whispering in her ear.  Both girls held martini glasses half-full of some sort of pinkish liquid.  Chiedra watched the scene carefully, while taking in the surrounding room deliberately. 

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