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22:45 Evalyn and Jasmin on the second level

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Having just raised her drink with Jasmin, Evalyn was taking a sip, feeling the warmth of the alcohol and pleasure of the evening together when Yves suddenly interrupted her again.


Ta gueule! Let me enjoy myself.

I am serious. I 'ave a feeling your night is about to be ruined.

22:30 Jasmin and Evalyn

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Jasmin made her way through the crowd, not for the first time. Playing hostess through the evening went as it always did: you greeted, you talked, you monitored everything; nobody realized the work that went on even during. Half of her evening was spent directing staff to replenish this table or that one, or sometimes, getting involved making sure that a fight failed to happen. It meant drinking enough to become slightly tipsy, and in low moments like this, getting lost in more pleasant memories.

20:36 Connie and Jasmin

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The look of relief on Jasmin's face went from subtle to downright blatant as they retreated from Lucinda and Balthazar. Her Singapore Sling went up to her lips and she drained about a third of the drink in one go; to hell with the subtle of it. Balthazar showing up just added to the stress of the evening. When she turned back to Connie to say something, though, her voice caught for a moment.

20:24 Balthazar and Jasmin

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As the party continued, Jasmin moved about with the practiced grace of one long experienced to hosting upscale events. The evening was going well, she thought. Nothing well and truly major had gone wrong, and as far as she could tell, she hadn't run in to anyone there to cause trouble. It left her making her way through the crowd with a Singpore Sling, highly alcoholic though it was and having less of an immediate effect. A slight frown crossed her face, though, at the newest arrival she found herself almost literally crashing in to, gone just as quickly.

19:02 “Graves at the Graveyard”

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Alison and Connie emerged from the limousine, both stifling laughter brought on by a lewd joke Connie had been relating. Alison filed it away in the back of her mind as a joke that Lucinda might tell, in the right company. Tonight, with her hair and makeup both done professionally she was already immersing herself in the Lucinda role, adopting a sexy sway to her hips. The stiletto heels helped in that department too, of course. The blue dress she’d chosen draped gracefully around her, the slits revealing tantalising glimpses of her legs when she walked.

22:20 "Graveyard Club Upper Level"

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Graveyard Upper Level

It was the first time that Cadee had been to the upper level of the Graveyard, and she was pleasantly surprised. Everything, from the aspect and size of the place, to the patrons, the music, lightning and general atmosphere, was much more subdued than in the other level, but at the same time, it was much more classier. While the lower Graveyard reminded you of a Gothic castle, this upper Graveyard reminded you of a Victorian gentleman’s club, without losing its nightclub identity.

22:31 "Evie and Jasmin in the Graveyard"

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2021-05-11 22:31 – Tuesday
The Graveyard

She was coming down from her earlier, 4:20 high with Yves when Evalyn decided it was time to head out and hit the night scene.

09:57 "Jasmin's Apartment, 151 Wooster Street, SoHo"

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2021-05-11 9:57 – Tuesday

Jasmin's Apartment, 151 Wooster Street, SoHo

22:32 "Inside the Hellfire Lounge..."

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2021-05-10 22:32 - Monday
Inside the Hellfire Lounge...

By the time she got time to herself that night, Jasmin was already frustrated. It was a rare night when she dressed down, in a black dress with corset and lace shawl, and boots, her blonde hair hanging down straight. So she found herself, seated now in a booth in the lower lighting, listening to the music. Jasmin absently ran a finger over the rim of her glass, filled with blood that had a bit of green and black specs floating in it.

16:58 "Graveyard Club"

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Jasmin's Office
Graveyard Club

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