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Character:Sven Tonnesen

21:27 Sven and Helen

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Sven was in his element. As someone who appreciates the female form in all its variety, he was indulging in a veritable smorgasbord tonight. The evening had started out well enough with some licensed groping of the voluptuous author, and had gone from strength to strength since then. So far four women and one man had given him their phone numbers, entirely unsolicited. Right now he was holding court with three luscious young women who hung on his every word, his height advantage affording him an incredible view down their cleavages.

19:02 “Graves at the Graveyard”

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Alison and Connie emerged from the limousine, both stifling laughter brought on by a lewd joke Connie had been relating. Alison filed it away in the back of her mind as a joke that Lucinda might tell, in the right company. Tonight, with her hair and makeup both done professionally she was already immersing herself in the Lucinda role, adopting a sexy sway to her hips. The stiletto heels helped in that department too, of course. The blue dress she’d chosen draped gracefully around her, the slits revealing tantalising glimpses of her legs when she walked.

Sven Tonnesen

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Character Name: Sven Tonnesen

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Birthdate / Location: August 29th, 1987. Drammen, Norway.

Position: Model and Actor


Sven is played by Alexander Skarsgård.

Donatien Darque

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Donatien Darque is the main vampire character in Lucinda Graves' urban fantasy books. A model was used to portray his image on the covers and in promotional materials.

Donatien Darque is portrayed by Sven Tonnesen, who is portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård.


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